Writing Instruments

When you’re asking a client to sign on the dotted line, are you handing over a pen that’s decorated with your logo?

0.496631s300Promotional pens & pencils are amongst the most popular branded gifts due to the fact that they’re very affordable, easy to store and transport, and genuinely useful. Very few consumers throw free pens away – writing instruments are used daily, and even those that aren’t are often tucked away in a drawer and brought out occasionally. Promotional writing instruments are long lasting branded business gifts that will certainly get you noticed!


The key with any good branded gift is to raise awareness of your company or organisation. You might do this by regularly reminding a consumer that your business exists (for example, whenever they use your pen), or you might do it by encouraging word of mouth marketing. Promotional Pens aren’t just used by one person – they’re often passed on and shared around, which is great for your business promotion.


Browse our full range of branded writing instruments, from crayons to fountain pens, or consider some of these if you’re looking for inspiration:


Novelty Pens


If you want to get noticed, why not buy novelty pens for your customers? These can be personalised and printed with your logo, before you send them off to their new homes in business expo goody bags or through the mail to potential clients.


When we talk about novelty pens, we’re not just speaking of animal-shaped pen toppers or our colourful Bendy Dude pens, though you do have those options. Our novelty pen category also covers all of our writing instruments offering something a little bit different, from a Rubik’s Puzzle Pen to one with a wood finish. Our feather quill pen, complete with its little stand, is a really eye-catching item. Meanwhile our giant pens have plenty of space for extra big branding.


Budget Pens


Promotional items for your business or charity don’t need to be high value. Even some of our cheaper items can have a positive impact on your business. Our budget pens are not low quality items. They’ll still make a fantastic impression on your customers. They’re just not quite as feature-packed, and as a result we can start them at as little as 17p a piece.


Crayons and Highlighters


For businesses that deal with children, like family-friendly pubs and restaurants, branded crayons are an excellent choice. We can print your business details on an insert or the crayon packaging. Thinking about your littlest customers will make a great impression on their parents, which can really raise their opinion of your venue. You’ll earn repeat customers by accommodating their families, and if the children take your crayons home then your company’s logo will be kept in their craft box.


 Promotional Highlighters are another top choice for branded promotional gifts. They’re great for bingo halls, educational businesses and a whole lot more. Take your pick of novelty shaped highlighters, standard highlighter pens and biro pens with highlighters attached.


Promotional Pens - Ready to Choose?

Mechanical pencils or traditional? Eco friendly pens and pencils or luxury pens in cases? Plastic pens or metal ones?

If you’re ready to order, then we’re here to add your logo to promotional writing instruments. If you’ve got questions, we’re ready to answer them.

Can’t find what you’re looking for? Get in touch and we’ll do our best to help.