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3 Reasons Why Pocket Mirrors Are The Perfect Gift

Are you in search of an affordable and convenient way to create visibility for your brand? Then look no further than a pocket mirror. They are tiny mirrors that can fit into your pocket, purse, desk, and even lockers. Besides, they are perfect for freshening up and travel.

For promotional purposes, all you needed to do is have the logo of your company engraved in the casing. You can then carry it around for giveaways during campaigns, tradeshows, and any other event. They are mostly perfect for those in the beauty industry like fashion and cosmetics. Handing them to clients and potential customers makes sure that your image is grounded on their minds every time they look at themselves.

You can have them customized to suit your image. We have them in different shapes like rectangular, circle, and square. They also come in different colours and designs, and you can have them all in line with the image of your company.  Salons, beauty parlours, and spas can highly benefit from this strategy. For high distribution, give customised pockets as gifts to your customers together with an assortment of your beauty products and you can learn more here about other products too.

1. Ensure Convenience  

Going by their size, picket mirrors can be very convenient. You get to carry them wherever you go, be it a conference meeting or in a restaurant. This eliminates the self-doubt that comes with having to worry if you have some greens still sticking on your teeth. You also get to check on your looks with ease which keeps your confidence intact as you go about your duties, making it a perfect gift.

Getting a customized one makes it even more special. For instance, you can gift a bride during their wedding and have a social message engraved on the pocket mirror. How then will they ever forget you and the specks gesture when they always carry it in their purse?

2. Simplicity

Despite being tiny and simple, they exude not just class but sophistication as well. They are less complicated as it is all but a piece of glass and the casing. They do not occupy much room like phones, and they just put a piece of mirror and the casing. The only additions may entail the customization of the casing to make it more personal. For a wedding gift, you can just add the name of the recipient and the message you want them to remember and keep close. Can you imagine how such as small can do so much? Presenting this as a gift may have the recipient keeping it as a treasure for generations to come.

3. Customization

Pocket mirrors can be customized. You choose the colour, shape, and decorations that you want on the casing. You can also opt for a business logo making it not just a tool of self-viewing but a unique marketing technique. It is not just the beauty and fashion industry that can benefit from this. With drinks, you can have the name of the refreshment on the mirror and gift it to your employees, especially the female. Their male counterparts may opt to take the mirrors to their spouses or sisters. This helps keep the name of the brand alive in the respective homes.

Who Would Benefit the Most from Them?

First, anyone that loves grooming should own a pocket mirror. This will help you avoid those stops you make at a restaurant so you can use the bathroom mirror.

Second, anyone in the beauty or fashion industry should not just have one but make sure it is personalized. For instance, you can have small mirrors made with the logo of your company or your beauty products. Offering them as gifts to your clients and potential customers is a strategic move that may have them consuming your products more.

Brands and businesses at large could also adapt to this move. It could be a good way to get your name to the world. Carry the customized pocket mirrors in fairs and gatherings could have you distributing to the target audience. Ensure that it has the right messaging to earn the trick.

Can Pocket Mirrors Function as Campaign Tool?

These are perfect tools to use for campaigns, more so for the fashion and beauty industry. People in this world appreciate perfect grooming, and they will always be looking out for any flaws in their looks. All you need to do is incorporate an outstanding design, and some may even carry a whole case to gift to their family and friends.

You can give a gift hamper to your customers and have the promotional mirror as part of the package. Wide distribution will make sure that you reach a huge number of potential buyers viewing the message engraved on the casing.

Another way to get this around is a customized mirror for individual clients, especially loyal ones. This will make them feel seen and appreciated.

Where Does Messaging Go On a Mirror?

Whatever design you intend on putting on the customized mirror, it goes on the outside part of the casing. You choose the colour that you want and the right messaging you wants to pass across. The use of laser printing makes sure that the logo or decorations are of high quality and long-lasting.

Pocket mirrors have made things easier, especially for the modern, confident woman. Their small size, simplicity, convenience, and ability to be customized have made even a huge difference. There is no more checking yourself on the car mirror before stepping out for your date. Also, it has made it easy to reach out to potential clients through branding.

For those in the fashion and beauty business, make it a habit to dish out promotional goodies to your customers, both potential and loyal ones. Making customized pocket mirrors is a trend that you should not be left out of. Opt for designs that are in line with your brand. You just do not know how a perfect advertisement it is having promotional messages, designs, and your logo on that tiny frame. Be sure to offer them as gifts or giveaways, then sit back and watch the magic.