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3 Tips to Keep Your Personalised Travel Mug Clean

Whether you are heading out to run errands or going to the office, one of the things you are most likely to grab on your way out is a travel mug. As a result, travel mugs have gained tremendous popularity nowadays. Today, you can personalise your travel mug with your brand or name to make them more of your own. However, similar to any drinking utensil, a travel mug needs to be kept clean to prevent the build up of disease-causing organisms. Here is an exclusive look at three tips to keep your personalised travel mug clean.

Why People Use Personalised Travel Mugs

Travel mugs are used by most people, particularly in the morning. They have become extremely widespread, and newer designs of these mugs are coming out every day. But why do most people prefer using personalised coffee mugs? Before we dive into the tips to keep these mugs clean, let’s look at some reasons why they have become so popular.

· Market a Personal Brand

Popular with both employees and clients, personalised travel mugs are an effective and simple tool to give your brand long-lasting publicity. Users of the mug will expose your logo to different potential clients as you use the custom travel mug on your commute or attending meetings. It can be a simple name or something creative that shows the mug belongs to your brand. People sell personalised travel mugs or give them out as a part of your promotional activities. It serves to give your brand free exposure to lots of other people.

· Keeps The Drink Warm For Hours

Are you among those who get coffee and forget to drink it just for it to become cold? You are not alone. One of the reasons why people use personalised travel mugs is because they come with a stainless steel body consisting of a lid and a double insulated wall. This allows them to keep your drink hot for more than an hour. You won’t make the disgusting face like you do when you sip cold coffee again after switching to personalised travel mugs. Personalised coffee travel mugs maintain your drinks safely contained and hot while walking or driving.

· They are Amazing Gifts

A great gift is something that the receiver will use daily. With most people making a cup of tea or coffee the first thing in the morning, a travel mug is undoubtedly one of the best gift ideas. Lots of people use personalised travel mugs as a valuable gift they received from their loved ones. When going for a customised travel mug for a gift, you should customise it according to the receiver's favourite colour and the theme of your relationship type. Travel mugs are great gifts for any age and can be customised as a set for two lovebirds. Whether it is beer or coffee in their mug, a personalised travel mug is an incredible gift.

· More Eco-Friendly

Another reason people are opting for travel mugs is the negative effect disposable plastic cups are impacting the environment. Plastic cups can be disposed of into the land, which can take up to a thousand years to decompose, which makes them harmful to aquatic and terrestrial animals. There is also a likelihood of the plastic components releasing toxic chemicals into your beverage. To avoid polluting the environment, more people are opting for travel mugs. The drink also takes better than one from a disposable cup.

3 Tips to Keep Your Personalised Travel Mug Clean

Now that we know why most people love using personalised travel mugs, let's look at tips to keep them clean.

1. Always Give It A Quick Rinse

As they say, being offensive is always the best form of defence. Tea or coffee stains will rarely form if you always give your travel mug a quick rinse with clean water after drinking your beverage. Even if you don't wash the personalised travel mug immediately after you finish your drink, rinsing will eliminate the remaining drops of tea or coffee hence preventing staining over time. After these beverage remnants are rinsed, you won't have to worry about forming any stains.

2. Confirm If The Personalised Travel Mug Is Dishwasher Safe 

Unluckily, not all travel mugs are safe to clean using a dishwasher. Usually, the manufacturer will specify if your travel mug is dishwasher safe. Also, putting your travel mug with a personalised artwork or design painted inside your dishwasher risks damaging the decoration.

Aluminium and stainless steel travel mugs are not dishwasher safe. Otherwise, you might destroy the insulation that maintains your cold drinks cold or hot beverages hot if you place the travel mug in the dishwasher. However, even dishwasher-safe mugs require regular hand cleaning once in a while to clean the detachable pieces properly.

3. Hand Wash Your Travel Mug Regularly

Regardless of if you take tea, coffee, or water from your personalised travel mug, you should ensure you hand wash it thoroughly regularly. You will require;

· Warm water

· Baking soda

· Washing up liquid

· A dish scrubbing brush

· Apple cider vinegar or white vinegar

· Towel or drying rack

Start by mixing about two tablespoons of baking soda and a quarter cup of vinegar in the mug and leave the mixture to sit for about twenty minutes. The baking soda helps to eliminate any foul odour, while the vinegar leaves a sweet aroma. As you wait, wash the lid using soap and warm water. Then close the mug with the lid and shake the mixture. Pour the mixture out and use the warm water to rinse the mug clean. Finally, turn the lid and mug upside down on a drying rack or clean towel to dry. 

Remember, using the right cleaning tools for your travel mug is essential in cleaning them properly. If your personalised travel mug is tall, consider getting a bottle brush that will sufficiently reach the bottom.


With these tips, you can keep your personalised travel mug clean for your drinks. Keep in mind that special materials such as delicate porcelain and handmade stoneware need extra TLC. You should avoid using abrasive scrubbers and follow the manufacturer's cleaning guidelines.