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5 Reasons why Branded Pens are The Best Promotional Marketing Tool

Some businesses can survive without marketing. However, they are very much the exception rather than the rule. After all, most companies survive by ensuring a constant stream of revenues from a continuous stream of customers, who are convinced to buy their products and services by their marketing campaigns. 

As such, interested individuals should always be looking for the best promotional tools that can be found out there.

One excellent example would be branded items. Some people see these in an unflattering light. However, that is a product of poor usage. 

Simply put, branded items remind people of the brand whenever used, thus resulting in long-lasting influence in exchange for low costs. Something that makes them a potent promotional tool in the hands of a skilled marketer.


Which Promotional Tools Are the Best?

Of course, there is a wide range of branded items out there, which include but are by no means limited to tote bags, hats, and T-shirts. Thanks to this, it is common for interested individuals to experience decision paralysis because they aren't sure which branded items are best suited for their particular interests. 

If so, they should know that businesses tend to get the best results by choosing something that plays into branded items' unique strengths, meaning that it needs to see frequent use while being low-cost. In other words, branded pens are one of the best-branded items out there.


What Are 5 Reasons that Make Pens Great Promotional Tools


Here are 5 reasons that interested individuals should consider using branded pens:



Usability is crucial for branded items. If something isn't useful, well, suffice to say that most people won't hesitate to toss it out. 

As such, the usability of a branded item is a hook that can convince the recipient to keep it despite their general guardedness against marketing campaigns, thus enabling it to do its intended job. 

Said individuals may or may not buy the business's products and services right away, but they will develop a positive impression that can facilitate future sales.

Branded pens are excellent in this regard because they have high usability. Yes, computers are now everywhere. However, they haven't replaced writing utensils, which still see plenty of use in both people's private lives and professional lives. 

As such, branded pens have a higher chance of being accepted by their intended recipients than many other branded items.



Pens can come in various colours, styles, and materials. Furthermore, this kind of customization isn't costly, meaning that it can be implemented without breaking the marketing budget in the process. Something that can be helpful for a couple of important reasons.

One, it isn't enough for a marketing campaign to send its message to its intended recipient. Instead, a marketing campaign also needs to send a persuasive message while remaining to the point, which is important because it needs to sell people relevant products and services within a very short window of opportunity. 

Generic pens won't do much in this regard because their generic nature makes them very forgettable. In contrast, customized pens tend to be much more memorable, thus enabling them to create a lasting impression. 

Two, different people have different preferences, meaning that they respond to different things. 

To name an example, someone who just wants a functional writing utensil isn't the same as someone who wants their writing utensil to look good while still remaining capable of serving its fundamental purpose. That's why some pens go for fractions of a dollar while other pens go for hundreds and hundreds of dollars. 

A business that understands its potential customers can customize its branded pens for maximum appeal to the said segment of society, thus enabling it to make further inroads than otherwise possible.



Cost-effectiveness is always an important consideration in marketing. After all, a marketing campaign can be very persuasive but still fail because it produces insufficient value through its persuasiveness to make up for its cost. 

As such, the flashiest marketing campaign isn't necessarily the most cost-effective marketing campaign.

Branded pens aren't very flashy as promotional tools go. Instead, they are much more subtle in nature, reminding their users of the business day after day through use after use. Something that can be particularly useful when the high usability of the branded pens contributes to creating a positive impression of the brand. 

Combined with their low cost, this can make branded pens a very cost-effective promotional tool for businesses that are looking to lay the foundations for future marketing campaigns by making their name known to potential customers.


Long Reach

The best marketing doesn't just end with the intended recipient. Instead, it will impress the intended recipient and the people in both their personal and professional circles, thus enabling it to have a much bigger impact than otherwise possible. 

Sometimes, this will happen on an automatic basis because people like to talk about the things that have impressed them. 

Simply put, people like to share their pens with one another. If people hold on to their branded pens, this is good because extended exposure will increase brand awareness. 

However, if people pass their branded pens to other people, this is also good because the business's name will spread to even more potential customers. As such, this is a win-win scenario for the company from a marketing perspective.



Pens aren't necessarily very eco-friendly. After all, they are often made out of non-biodegradable materials, which can do a great deal of harm when they wind up in a landfill somewhere. However, the customizability of pens means that they can also be made out of more eco-friendly materials.

As for why businesses would want eco-friendly branded pens, well, the simple fact of the matter is that ethics sell. Generally speaking, if a business behaves well in one regard, it is reasonable to assume that it behaves well in other regards. 

Thanks to this, it can build trust with potential customers, thus increasing the chances of choosing its products and services rather than its competitors' products and services. 

On top of this, it is important to remember that eco-consciousness is becoming more and more popular because of mounting concerns about the environment. As a result, many potential customers have become receptive to businesses that share their values in this matter.

The nature of competition means that businesses are under constant pressure to find the right promotional tools. However, interested individuals should remember that the right promotional tools aren't necessarily either novel or expensive.

For proof, look no further than branded pens, which offer long-lasting influence in exchange for a low cost. A powerful combination that can make them very useful for skilled marketers.