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What is Branded Merchandise and why is it so effective ?

Promotional products, branded merchandise, promotional gifts… Whatever you want to call it, there's no getting away from the fact that these promotional gifts are usually high-impact, low-cost items that are printed with a company logo, contact details or straplines to help accentuate a marketing campaign or amplify a giveaway promoting a brand, product or event

All our promotional items can have your company logo on a shirt, bag, or hat can reach hundreds of people everywhere for brand recognition. People who see your logo and brand will instantly remember your business and become aware of your brand.

We Brand 4 You excels in promotional products uk and high quality branded merchandise. From pens to bags, gadgets to clothing, we have the latest and the most popular promotional gifts for companies. You can choose the one that’s relevant to your business. We Brand 4 You helps you get your business on track and promote your products and services like never before.

Why is branded promotional merchandise important?

Branded merchandise is the heart of traditional promotional campaigns. Companies use this strategy to connect to people and hopefully, generate leads and create brand awareness. Promotional Giveaways can         

  • Help introduce your brand, logo, business, products, or services.
  • Create brand awareness of any promotional offer, discounts, or sale.
  • Help save you money as this strategy is more reasonably priced than other strategies.
  • Save you time. It can help you use or marketing budget wisely.
  • Gives value to your customers, clients and partners
  • Shows professionalism and expertise. Branded merchandise can help you present your company in a whole new image.

What does branded mean?

Branded means that your logo, business name, or brand name is placed on the promotional product. The item is not necessarily manufactured by your company or related to your business. Branding is done using a variety of technologies. We use state of the art printing methods from screen printing to full colour sublimation.

How do you create branded merchandise?

It takes careful planning to come up with branded merchandise. If you have a marketing team, collaborate to come up with creative concepts for your branded merchandise. Once you have a plan in place, select the type of merchandise you want to use and define your marketing budget.

Partner with a reputable events merchandise company to use good quality items for your campaign. A good events merch company can handle everything related to printing and packaging your branded merchandise. All that needs to be done is to arrange your event to distribute your branded gifts to customers, clients, and prospects.

What are some examples of best selling Promotional products

We Brand 4 You offers a wide range of branded products ready for events, conferences, marketing campaigns, and souvenirs or gifts. The following are our top categories for merchandising picks. 


You can select from many kinds of pens, pencils, markers, crayons, colour pencils and highlighters. Include writing accessories such as notepads, desk pads, paper, sticky notes, notebooks, calendars, and diaries. Our huge range of promotional writing instruments are a hit in the UK.


Choose from a wide range promotional merchandise like souvenir mugs, travel mugs, takeout cups, bottles, or glassware. Include special merchandise items like wine accessories, wine stoppers, sports bottles, and flasks. Your logo, brand or any image can be on any of these drinkware.

Promotional Bags

We Brand 4 You offers a range of bags such as shopping bags, carrier bags, tote bags, and jute bags. You can select from travel bags, shoe bags, cooler bags, rucksacks, conference bags, shoulder bags, and document bags. Customers realise the importance of reusable bags and will view your company as environment-friendly.


Choose from a wide range of office items like mouse mats, glass coasters, folders, pen pots, rulers, clocks, phone holders, paperweights, and weather stations. Your company logo, brand or any image may be placed on any of these office supplies.


Gadgets are now more and more popular as corporate gifts, promotional items and branded gifts and have a high perceived value. There are tech gadgets, power accessories, and mobile phone accessories available. You can also select from a wide range of accessories like USB sticks, charging cables, cardholders, chargers, power banks, speakers, laser pointers, RFIDs, and other mobile accessories.

Promotional Clothing

We Brand 4 You have a great range of branded clothing for your branded merchandising campaigns or to use as business merchandise. You can select from T-shirts, jackets, beanie hats, baseball caps, sweatshirts, polo shirts, face masks, ties, and bandanas. These promotional items are very popular in improving brand exposure in trade shows, conferences or your latest campaign

Aside from the usual merchandise, We Brand 4 You also has confectionery such as cupcakes, sweets and other food items.

How do I sell brand merchandise?

Aside from giving away or gifting your brand merchandise, you may also sell them as souvenirs. If you have a physical office or headquarters, you can directly sell these to your customers. You may let them take advantage of these merchandise for a discounted price if they purchase your products or order your service. Make sure that your brand merchandise is displayed on an attractive shelf or case.

If you have an online store, you can sell your brand merchandise here. To help your visitors or customers become familiar with your offers, announce this on your home page. Allot a tab that your customers can check out and purchase your brand merchandise.

And whether you have a physical store or online shop, give your customers the freedom of choice. Allow them to select the colour, size, or design they want to buy.

How do you create company merchandise?

Company promotional products branded merchandise is intended for your employees, team members, partners, and clients.  Just like creating brand merchandise, use a variety of items to appeal to different people. Don't just offer one colour, one size, one style; give your recipients freedom of choice.

Always consider what your employees and partners need. They want souvenirs and merchandise that they can use. Finally, order merchandise from trusted companies. You must use high-quality, durable, and updated items for your company merchandise.

Your marketing activity and promotional projects should be supervised by a capable account management team and merchandise team. Campaigns may be changed or updated accordingly.

Where can I get stuff branded?

You can get printed promotional products from a branded merchandise company. We Brand 4 You accept branded merchandise projects and you don't even need to worry about looking for quality stuff.

We have a variety of merchandise items ready to use for all kinds of promotional events, conferences, conventions, and souvenir or gift-giving events.

How do I get promotional products?

You can get promotional products from branded merch companies. Order from reliable companies like We Brand 4 You. We take the burden of shopping for high-quality promotional products off your hands as we provide the best selection of promotional items for your next promotion. You can choose the right promotional product according to your company, business, or brand.

How do I put my logo on merchandise?

We Brand 4 You provides logo on promotional merchandise solutions for all kinds of companies. We also make it easier for businesses by offering a variety of products ready for your logo. And aside from your logo on merchandise, we can also add a slogan, your contact information, These will help your customers and clients find you online or offline.

What else can you do with branded merchandise?

Aside from giving promotional products branded merchandise to customers and clients in corporate events, conventions, and business events, these may be used for the following:

As a reward loyal customers and clients

Giveaways and gifts are great for customer retention and customer loyalty. Use these to reward loyal and valuable customers or clients. Make them know that you value their business and you appreciate their loyalty. Merchandise should be fitting for loyal customers and not just small keepsakes and souvenir items.

We Brand 4 You has a wide range of promotional products and corporate giveaways like travel bags and business bags, tech gadgets, mobile phone accessories, bite-size confectionaries, office desk items, and clothing to choose from. Our marketing team is ready to help you start your marketing campaign with correct branding and the best product giveaways

As employee and valued clients gifts

Use promotional merchandise to say thank you to your loyal clients and partners as well. Use these as a reward for employees with the most sales. Because they are members of your company, allow them to choose the gift or keepsake they wish.

To introduce a new partnership, label, or logo

Use promo products to celebrate a new milestone in your company or as corporate gifts. A merger will change things in your company and sometimes even a change of brand name, logo, and company information. These would mean changes in your contacts and details to update your clients and prospects as well. 

Use brand merchandise as collector’s items

Events merchandise are collectible items especially when these were given away during a special corporate event, your company party, anniversary, a new merger/partnership. You can include your event details and date on the product so the recipient can remember where and when he received the gift.

What items can I brand?

We Brand 4 You have tons of items that you can brand for any marketing campaign, But before you choose for your project, remember the following tips:

  • Select the merchandising item that’s best for your company or industry.
  • Consider usable items or things that your recipients can use.
  • Take note of the size of your logo and other information you want to place on the item.
  • Order items in several colour categories and designs, clothing should be ordered in different sizes, colours, and design options.
  • Choose seasonal giveaways if you are planning to hold an event on a holiday.
  • Consider the space or the area where you’ll place your merchandise.

When used correctly, branded products can help give your companies brand recognition a boost. Make corporate gifts a vital part of your traditional marketing. Branded items are effective, cost-efficient, and easy to use together with other product marketing techniques.

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