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Guide to Buying Exhibition Giveaways to Maximise your return on Investment

If you’re attending an exhibition this year and are looking to create an impression on potential new customers, then promotional giveaways are a perfect method to do so. However, like most things there’s a right and a wrong way to do this, so here’s a quick guide to buying exhibition giveaways.

Guide to Exhibition Giveaways

Why are exhibition giveaways useful?

As a guide to exhibition giveaways, it’s worth considering the ‘why’ first’. Promotional Products are useful in many ways, such as:-

  • an opportunity to be ‘front and centre’ in your prospect’s mind
  • build brand identity
  • help someone, or be of service, with a useful product
  • widen awareness of your company or service.

What makes an ideal exhibition giveaway?

For an exhibition giveaway to be ideal, it needs to fulfil several criteria for the company providing it.

Cost Effective

In a typical exhibition, one could have hundreds of potential customers visiting your stand or presentation, so cost is a serious consideration. If the exhibition giveaway is too expensive, you likely will only give it to only a few people - thus reducing your reach and potential new customer base.

Exhibition giveaways should be cost-effective enough to allow for providing as many as possible to reach your marketing goals, so consider cost per potential customer.


If you’re anticipating giving away several hundred items, they should be small, light and practical to avoid you lugging about boxes or scrabbling around for storage space.

The more portable an exhibition giveaway is, the more likely a potential customer will carry or use it,  so it keeps your business in your prospect’s mind more.

Quick ‘to hand’

What’s the point in an exhibition giveaway that will often be left in a drawer somewhere, or not carried regularly, or simply only be functional in one physical location?

The more ‘quick to hand’ that an exhibition giveaway such as a nice pen is, the more likely your potential customer is to see your branding and consider your company.


If you take the time to consider a truly unique and memorable, useful exhibition giveaway, the more likely it will be that your potential customer will remember you.

Look for originality in an exhibition giveaway, and find something different than most of your competitors, and your marketing efforts will be far more successful.

What are great ideas for exhibition giveaways?

So let’s consider a few great ideas for exhibition giveaways that fulfil the above criteria of being memorable, quick to hand, portable and cost-effective.

Smartphone wallet/sock or screen protector - everyone has smartphones these days, right?

  • Branded water bottles - who isn’t trying to be healthier? In the car, at the desk, or even walking around - your company name/brand/motto is close to hand!
  • Tins of mints - small, refreshing and original, most people will appreciate a nice tin of mints (and will probably keep the tin afterwards!)
  • USB's - always very popular, but make sure you consider how to make yours stand out from the crowd (perhaps pay for the higher amount of storage than is usually given out.

At We Brand 4 You, we offer a range of options when it comes to promotional merchandise. We can provide a host of branded items, from air fresheners  to yo yo's We are passionate about providing you with the best service we possibly can and always go the extra mile to meet and even beat your expectations. You are more than welcome to contact us at any point if you do have any queries about any of our promotional resources,

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