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What Are The Benefits Of Reusable Shopping Bags?

In ancient times, before the manufacture of plastic bags came into existence people used to take their essentials using reusable cloth bags. However, this vanished with the advancement in technology which promoted the production of plastic totes which, with time, overturned the use of reusable cloth bags. 

 Nevertheless, most people have opted to resort back to reusable shopping bags while on errands rather than using plastic shopping bags. Reusable shopping bags come along with many advantages. But before we dive into that, this detailed article will inform you about the different kinds of reusable shopping bags in the market today, and how long they can last. You can view other products here.


What kind of reusable shopping bags are there?

There are different types of reusable bags that are designed for different purposes. Some of these bags include:


Non- Woven Fabric

The non-woven fabric type is crafted without weaving or knitting. Designed with the use of heat, and through a chemical process, non-woven fabric is one of the most affordable reusable shopping bags. Due to this factor, they are mostly distributed with every purchase or filled with branded promotional items.


Cotton Bags

Cotton bags are made from organic cotton, recycled cotton, and traditional cotton. They are eco-friendly, and easy to clean in case of a mess.


Jute Bags

Jute bags are strong reusable shopping bags that are made from fibers obtained from the jute plant. You can conveniently use such bags while you are out shopping.


Hemp Bags

Hemp bags are manufactured using hemp fibers from the hemp crop. Hemp is combined with fibers like silk, and cotton to provide a strong reusable shopping bag. It is however slightly more expensive than the other reusable bags.


How long do reusable shopping bags last?

The longevity of your reusable shopping bag very much depends on the frequency of its use and the items it carries. However, a study done by the United Kingdom Environment Agency (UKEA) concluded that most reusable shopping bags have a life expectancy of three to four years and are used more than 100 times.

 What are the benefits of using reusable shopping bags?


1. Save Money


Many grocery stores and supermarkets charge an extra cost for plastic bags used for packaging. Though this might cost low, making it hard for the customers to notice, this amount, when accumulated over time, adds up to a significant amount which would have been directed into other purposeful use. 

Additionally, it is estimated that a standard family would use approximately six to ten plastic bags whenever they shop. However, with reusable shopping bags, you will be able to save on small amounts that would be used for purchasing plastic totes.


2. Promotional Tool


A reusable bag is a new trend to promote your business since it can easily be printed on. Made of strong materials which last up to four years, a reusable bag will be guaranteed that your business logo will be seen for an awfully long time.

Unlike the one-use plastic bags which get disposed of after a mess, the reusable shopping bags can be washed and still get reused, ensuring that your business is visible for a longer period on the streets. 

Moreover, as mentioned earlier, reusable bags are used to hand out branded promotional items. 

3. Decrease Pollution

Because of the excessive use of plastic totes, the ecosystem becomes devastated. Rarely, do all the used plastic bags end up in landfills or recycling centers. A big number of plastic bags wind up in water streams, rivers, or the ocean. This endangers marine life since the fish mistake the plastic bags for food. 

Additionally, plastic materials, such as plastic bags take up to 1000 years to degrade in the landfills. However, they do not fully break down, rather, they photo-degrade, becoming micro plastics that continue to absorb toxins and pollute the environment. However, reusable bags are eco-friendly since, unlike plastic bags, they are used for a longer period before they get disposed of.

4. Durability

Reusable shopping bags are made using solid materials and plant fibers which are strong. These materials make the reusable totes have high endurance capacities for an elongated period, reducing their wear and tear time. 

Additionally, since more reusable shopping bags are made from fabric, they are stronger than paper or plastic bags hence avoiding tearing and breaking. In case they tear, reusable shopping bags can be fixed with a needle and a thread. Moreover, reusable shopping bags do not get damaged after washing.

 5. De-clutter your home and save space

After every shopping, plastic bags tend to accumulate a lot of unnecessary space in our homes, cluttering the kitchen cabinet, and pantry. After a while, they end up wasting space for something more useful since they will be collected in huge numbers. 

On the other hand, reusable shopping bags take minimum space in your kitchen, car, and workspace since you will not be required to collect a lot of them. Additionally, though bigger, reusable shopping bags can be folded into smaller sizes saving as much space as possible.


6. Conserve Resources

Plastic bags use crude oil and natural gas to manufacture, making them non-biodegradable. During its production, a lot of non-renewable resources are used. By using reusable totes, a lot of non-renewable energy can be saved in the process. Moreover, the community allocates a lot of money for the clean-up services which costs a lot. 

By using reusable shopping bags, could save on such amounts and help redirect the clean-up funds to a more essential project in the community each year. Additionally, the amounts used to open the sewerage and the drainage system over the year in the streets could be put to better use.

Reusable bags provide a solution to every problem that plastic bags bring along. They also bring hope for a better and safer ecosystem since they are environmentally friendly. 

Additionally, reusable shopping bags are good for passing messages and good for your brand. Going reusable would be the best decision since we would be making the planet a better place to stay.