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What Are The Best Corporate Christmas Gifts To Give To Employees?

Christmas is one of the most popular holiday seasons around the world. Most people mark it with exchanging gifts, spending quality time with family, and preparing sumptuous dishes. 

It is, therefore, expected that most people would take a break from work during this time. Aside from leisure, this break is crucial as it helps them relax and rejuvenate, ready to take work head-on in the next year.

To make this time more memorable and fun for your employees, why not send them home with a gift? 

We are not talking about the cliché company pens, t-shirts, notebooks, and calendars. Not that there is anything wrong with these gifts, but they are not particularly exciting, especially if that's all you give year in, year out. But you could offer out gifts that people will actually use - read more here

Adding a touch of creativity and thoughtfulness into your gifts will go a long way in not only showing appreciation but also boosting your employees' morale and eagerness to come back to work.


Below are some of the musing gifts you can give:


A Gift Card

This is one of the oldest but still highly appreciated gifts to give. This is because it gives each of your employees the liberty to choose something that they need or want. The gift cards can be from popular online or in local stores that are easily accessible.


A Sips and Snacks Package

It's a festive season, so any fancy foods are a welcome gesture. In a sips and snacks package, you can include champagne, wine, chocolates, cookies, and cupcakes, just to mention a few. The package should include goodies that your staff is most likely to enjoy.


Family Board Games

When hanging out with family and friends, board games help spice up the moment. You can, therefore, gift your employees with interesting board games such as chess, scrabble, monopoly, pandemic et cetera.


Movie Tickets

Anything that promotes family bonding time is a great idea, and for most people, movies will do the trick. You can check with local movie houses great movies up for release and get advance tickets. 

Instead of picking out the movies yourself, you could ask for a list of these movies, including the time they'll be shown. You could then ask each of your staff to pick their favorite and most preferred time.


Paid Subscription to Movie, Music, or Magazines Platforms

On this, you could let them choose what they want to be paid for based on their tastes and preferences. For movies, you can opt for Amazon, Netflix, Disney, Hulu, HBO Max, or Prime Video. For Music, you could go for Spotify, Apple Music, Pandora, Idagio, Tidal, or Primephonic. 

For engaging magazines, you can choose from Good Housekeeping, People Magazine, The Economist, Men's Health, Woman's Day, and Food Network, among others. At least a month's subscription for either of these platforms is ideal for the entire holiday season.


Work from Home Accessories

Thanks to the current pandemic, working from home is the new normal. As such, the need to create a mini home office and get complimentary accessories is a necessity. To ease your employees' burden of shopping for such items, you could offer them as Christmas gifts.


A Succulent Plant 

A plant brings life to any room. You can go for small or medium ones that are unique, easy to maintain, and can thrive indoors. You can then creatively customize the packaging box and include an appreciation note.


Massage Session

As mentioned above, one of the main reasons that you give off-days during this season is to help your employees relax. What could be a better way to send the message across than with a fully paid spa and massage session.


Self-Care Package

You can customize it to suit what you think will fit your employees best. For example, for the gents, you can include shaving cream, body scrub soap, face moisturizer, a weighted blanket, a massage ball roller, and sophisticated sleepers. 

For the ladies, you can include a personalized coffee mug, face mask, essential oils, fuzzy slippers, sweet-smelling candles, chocolates, a weighted blanket, and a journal.


Food Coupons

This is to cater to the times they will be eating out or ordering take-out. It will be better if they can use the food coupons to order from any restaurants within your locality.



Sports Kit

If your employees are the kind that loves working out, a sports kit would be a suitable gift. It could include a fitness smartwatch, fancy water bottle, gym gloves, and nasal dilator. The list is endless, really.


Tech Devices

In a digital world, tech devices have become almost a necessity in our daily lives. You can gift your employees with a package that contains branded tech devices such as a power bank, Bluetooth earphones, smartwatch, charging cable, memory card, flash disk, and iPod.


Duffel Bag or Suitcase

They may probably be doing some vacation traveling during this season so, a duffel bag or suitcase will come in handy. Bear in mind that men and women have different tastes when it comes to such. A good approach is to get those with a masculine touch for the guys and feminine touch for the ladies.


Motivational Books

Books, especially, motivational ones can help them broaden their perspective in life and also motivate them to be a better version of themselves. You can go for the ones that are based on real-life stories as they are more relatable.


Point-Based Reward Program

The truth is, the amount of effort and dedication put forward by each employee is different. Therefore, rewarding them equally would be more or less unfair to others, which is why a point-based reward system would make sense. 

You could award each of your employees points based on their performance, tag how much each point is worth, and devise a redeeming strategy. Each employee could then redeem their points during the festive season or any time during the following year. This will motivate them to work even harder.


Cash Money and an Appreciation Note

Who doesn't love a little extra cash to spoil themselves during such a season? To make this gift personalized, you can combine it with a heartfelt appreciation note. However, creating a note with exactly the message to every employee may feel generic. 

To avoid that, you can set aside some time to draft a unique note for each employee based on what they do and what you love most about their services. This is guaranteed to make them feel special, and their efforts appreciated.


Extra Days Off

If you are not in a good position financially to offer any of the above physical gifts, why not add some off-days which are redeemable either during the festive season or the following year. Your employees could benefit from more days to relax and take care of their business.