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Branded  Blankets 

If you're looking for high-quality promotional products at the best prices, then you've come to the right place! At We Brand 4 You, we make buying your next batch of branded merchandise an absolute breeze. Some of our most popular products are our promotional blankets, which can be customised exactly to your requirements.

Branded products are fantastic marketing tools that can really get customers on board with your business. However, finding great products at the best prices can be difficult. At We Brand 4 You, we offer top quality promotional blankets that won't break the bank.

Read on to find out more about our branded merchandise services and how you can order your own promotional blankets today.


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Who Should Buy Promotional Blankets?

Promotional blankets are suitable for any business who is trying to spread the word about their services. In fact, promotional products have one of the greatest returns on investment when it comes to advertising.

This is because a promotional gift is extremely likely to leave an impression on the person who receives them. This impression is likely to be much stronger than they would receive from an advert in the newspaper, for example.

Outdoor event-goers

If your business regularly attends outdoor events, then a promotional blanket will be absolutely perfect for your stand. The key with promotional merchandise is to try and give people something that they will actually use, and therefore are regularly noticing your branding.

Everyone can make use of a blanket. Whether it is a picnic blanket for eating their lunch or a fleece blanket for keeping them warm in the evenings, you can be sure that any promotional blankets that you hand out will be getting a lot of use.

Trade shows

In fact, blankets are great pieces of promotional merchandise for any type of trade show or convention. A branded blanket is very likely to be a unique item at a trade show and will help your business stand out amongst the crowd.

Most stands will be handing out pamphlets or branded pens, so offering something completely different is going to get you some attention. Generally, blankets are very useful items and people will be keen to get hold of them.

Customising your Promotional Blankets

Customising your promotional merchandise at We Brand 4 You could not be easier. Your logo and branding will always be skillfully incorporated into our blanket designs using the finest printing machinery in the business.

Throughout the process, we work will closely with you to ensure that the products are going to turn out the best they can be. This means looking at your logo and choosing colours that will compliment your branding and really help it stand out.

There's no need to commit to a batch of merchandise. We'll give you a quote on your requirements and offer design advice before you decide to proceed. You can get a quick quote on our service by following these steps:

Step 1 - Head to our website

Once you've made it to the We Brand 4 You website, you can access all of our different blanket designs. We offer a range of choices from picnic blankets to fleece blankets so you can be sure that you'll be able to find the perfect product for you.

Step 2 - Select your quantity required

This selection is never set in stone but it's always a good idea to know how many units you need if you want to receive the most accurate quote. We'd always recommend ordering in bulk if you want to get the maximum value out of your order.

Step 3 - Choose your print variation

We can print your branding in a variety of different ways depending on your requirements. Simply select how many colours you would like to be used in your branding and we will adjust the quote accordingly.

You can also order plain stock if you would like to do the branding yourself.

Step 4 - Fill in your details

Finally, fill in your name, email, and phone number and we will get back to you promptly with a quote. There are never any hidden costs at We Brand 4 You so you can be sure that the quote you receive is what you will pay.

If you are happy with the quote and decide to go ahead, then the next step is to place your order.


Placing an order

Once you've received a quote, follow the link in your email and you'll be directed straight to the payment page. If you want to change your designs or add more units, then you can easily do so by getting in touch with us or by requesting a new quote.

Once your order has been placed you can expect a quick turnaround and to receive your promotional products in 5-10 days.


Types of Promotional Blankets

In this section, we'll take you through the different kind of promotional blankets that we offer. We have the widest selection around and there is truly something for everyone.

Our blankets range from standard plain stock to full-colour premium options. In fact, we have seven different styles available and each has its own unique colourings, branding choices, and sizes.

Picnic Blankets

Our picnic blanket is one of our most popular products and is absolutely ideal for outdoor trade shows and events. A stand handing out picnic blankets is bound to attract plenty of attention. This is because picnic blankets are extremely usable and can be a real lifesaver for outdoor event-goers.

Our picnic blanket comes in a classic blue striped design, which is an excellent canvas for your logo or promotional material. We always place branding where it is most likely to be seen by the blanket user, which means your name is likely to stick in their heads for a long time.

The picnic blanket is made of comfortable polyester fleece and measures 160 x 125 cm. It also folds down into a compact shape and can be transported using the included carry strap. All the materials are of the highest quality, reflecting your business.

Bay Promotional Blankets

Although bay blankets are probably the most common blankets around, not many are of the same quality that we offer. Our bay blanket has a large square shape and is constructed using a soft and plush coral fleece.

A bay blanket is extremely versatile and perfect for a variety of situations. This greatly increases the likelihood that your branding is going to be noticed regularly by the user as well as people around them.

This is why we are big believers in the power of promotional merchandise and why we think it is perhaps the best marketing tool out there for businesses.

Promotional Huggy blanket and pouch

Our Huggy blanket is one of our favourite products and is bound to be a hit with any of your customers who are lucky enough to get their hands on one. A Huggy blanket is an extremely soft and comfortable blanket that rolls up into a useful pouch.

The pouch also has a carry strap built-in which makes it super easy to transport around. A Huggy blanket is ideal for camping or outdoor trips and the fact that the blanket can be rolled up means it doesn't take up any room in the car.

The Huggy blanket comes in an impressive range of colours which makes them a fun and exciting alternative to some of our other products.

Plaid Promotional Blankets

Our plaid blankets are the most premium products that we have on offer. Top-quality materials, expert craftsmanship and a well-thought-out design ensure that these blankets will impress any potential new clients.

Plaid blankets are also the perfect canvases for branding and any full-colour logos look fantastic once they're in print. If a customer can associate a high-quality product with your brand then they are extremely likely to place their trust in you.

We have two plaid blanket designs available, namely the Sherpa plaid and the Springwood plaid. The Sherpa plaid has a classic checked design whilst the Springwood plaid makes use of slightly more modern styling. Both blankets are backed with a luxurious soft sherpa that offers unrivalled comfort and warmth.

Packable Branded Fleece Blankets

If you want to offer your clients a piece of practical merchandise, then our packable branded fleece blankets could be perfect for you. Ideal for almost any occasion, a packable fleece blanket can be unfurled and ready to go in seconds.

When you're finished with the blanket, it folds in on itself into a nice compact package. The carry strap that is included makes the blanket even more usable and versatile. The full-size blanket is around 150 x 125 cm, but this folds down to an impressive 33 x 30 cm when it's time to put it away.

The material used in this product is a fleece blanket with nylon ripstop. The ripstop adds a lot of strength to the blanket which means it can definitely take a beating if you're using it outdoors. The fleece itself is also soft and lovely to sit on.

Outdoor branded blanket

Our Stow-And-Go outdoor blanket is perfect for those damp days when a fleece blanket just isn't going to cut it. The water-resistant materials mean that this blanket can be thrown down anywhere to keep anything on top of it bone dry.

This blanket is also one of our most compact options, which makes it ideal for camping, festivals, and picnics. Four full-colour options make this blanket one of our most vibrant designs that will undoubtedly draw attention to your logo.

This large blanket folds down into a staggering 10 x 15 cm package that will easily slide into any backpack. The outdoor blanket makes a fine promotional gift that will prove surprisingly useful for potential customers.

Travel Blanket

The final type of blanket that we offer is the portable travel blanket. Anyone who has been on a long journey will know the value of a decent travel blanket - it can quickly turn an unbearable journey into a warm and comfortable trip.

Our travel blanket is an excellent promotional piece since it is something that a potential client will definitely appreciate the next time they travel. Every time they travel they will see your logo, putting your business right at the forefront of their mind.

The blanket also comes in a range of colours so we can easily find the best combination to make your logo pop.


Here at We Brand 4 You, we are able to craft custom promotional merchandise exactly to your needs. Our branded blanket options are guaranteed to help you stand out at the next trade convention and plant your brand firmly in the memory of plenty of potential customers.

Whether you need a branded picnic blanket or a promotional fleece throw, you'll be able to find exactly what you're after at We Brand 4 You.

If you need more information about our branded service, don't be afraid to contact us on our website. We offer free comprehensive quotations with no hidden fees so that you can always make an informed decision before deciding to purchase.