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Promotional  Car Accessories

There are all sorts of promotional car accessories to choose from which can we can print with your company logo or brand message at We Brand 4 You.  We have been supplying affordable, high-quality promotional merchandise for brand awareness to a wide range of business customers from car retailers to valeting companies for many years and are passionate about helping our clients increase their reach with branded products.

Whether you’re on a limited budget or not, there are scores of advantages attached to investing in corporate gifts for your automotive business. If things go well, you can always experiment with other forms of promotional products including clothing, electronics and many more.


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What are the benefits of Car Accessories ?

There are all sorts of great reasons for purchasing  from our extensive range of car accessories when you want to increase exposure for your brand and win customers over they can be used for trade shows, product launches

The best promotional gifts are those that customers and potential customers can derive a great deal of use from, and there are many automotive products that fit these criteria. Items you can add your branding to include car air fresheners, car window stickers, ice scrapers and more. You can even add your branding on to promotional travel mugs .

Printed Automotive Accessories help your "Brand

The beauty of promotional items is that people think about your brand every time they use them. By staying in your customers’ minds, you can ensure you are the one they turn to when they require the kind of products and services that you provide. You don’t even have to work in the motoring industry to benefit from automotive-related promotional items.

Any business can add their branding to items such as keyrings and car fresheners. When you opt for items such as number plate stickers and window stickers, you can ensure other motorists are exposed to your branding too.

The branding option that we offer at We Brand 4 You include screen printing and full colour printing.


What Types of car accessories are on offer ?

Air fresheners and Ice Scrapers are amongst the most popular  car accessories when it comes to promotional items related to motoring Personalised car air fresheners can be cut to all sorts of shapes and can build up positive associations, linking your brand with cleanliness, freshness and convenience. Printed ice scrapers can also be incredibly effective when it comes to creating exposure and can help potential customers remove unwanted substances from their vehicles, keep them safe and get them on the road in style.

What’s more is that drivers are likely to use their scrapers on multiple occasions throughout the year, which means your brand can remain a constant presence in people’s minds.

Car window stickers are ideal for companies and organisations wishing to increase the visibility of their brands. Rear car window stickers can be seen by countless motorists every day and enable you to boost exposure levels even when on a tight budget. 

The promotional keyring is an obvious choice when it comes to promotional automotive gifts. Keyrings are used not just by drivers but by non-motorists too, and you can enhance awareness of your brand considerably just by offering keyrings featuring your logo, slogan and contact details to a keyring. Your options don’t stop there. There are all kinds of items you can opt for if you are interested in investing in promotional items related to vehicles and motoring. Less obvious but highly efficient options can include torches, USB car chargers, first aid kits, mobile power banks, sun shades and tyre gauges to give just a few examples.

Promotional car accessories don’t have to cost the earth, and you could spread your message and drive sales in style even if you are on a tight budget for your marketing campaign. If you are an SME or start-up, you won’t have the advertising and marketing budget of the bigger brands, so it’s essential to seek out affordable ways of reaching out to your target audience.

If you are considering purchasing printed car accessories to distribute to existing and potential customers.

Products for repeated use

It’s also better to choose products that will be used time and time again so you can strengthen customer engagement over a period of time. In the past, many companies and individuals used business cards to stimulate engagement. However, automotive promotional products can work as your business card whilst making your customers lives easier.

You can still add your contact details to your promotional product if you are opting for something bigger, better and more useful than a traditional business card. There are so many options available to you when it comes to motoring-related and automotive promotional products. .