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Branded Card Holders

For anyone looking to promote their business, one of the best things you can do is have some branded business card holders made up. Whether they sit on your desk to hand out to clients from the business card holder, or you take them with you everywhere you go, it does not matter. Card holders are without doubt one of the smartest promotional tools that you can use to your advantage.

Why? Because handing out a business card is among your most powerful introductory moves. Handing it out from a crumbled wallet or, worse, your pocket, will ensure a poor first impression. Producing your cards from a company branded portfolio, though? That looks far more impressive. You will be almost certain to make a good impression if you choose to produce your card in the right way. What, though, are some of the most popular kinds of promotional card holders that you could look at?

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Why Choose Promotional  Business Card Holders & Wallets ?

PU Card Holders

These are great for selling and promoting through your own staff. These business card holders will attach to just about any traditional smartphone, and gives the phone an easy way to keep the cards that we use on a daily basis in the one place. This is a big reason why so many of us utilise PU card holder today; it helps us to avoid having to carry around heavy wallets and purses and are very popular in the united kingdom

By promoting these to your staff and your clients, you can give them an easy way to keep their card and their phone in one place.

Promotional Wallets

Of course, what better card holder to go for than a traditional wallet choice? These look good and tend to give you a simple choice for giving out a promotional gift. Great to give out to regular clients, staff members, and those who you wish to encourage to do more business with you in the united kingdom. The wallet will contain a lot of impressive card space, making sure that recipients can keep all of their cards in the one place For added reputational gains, why not slip in one of your business cards into each promotional wallet you hand out?

Membership wallets

Should you run any kind of membership program, having membership wallets act as promotional card holders is brilliant business. You are sure to encourage people to keep on using your service if you invest in such an item, giving them an easy to identify little wallet that they can look out and use whenever they are coming to use their membership benefits.

As you will be all too aware, modern promotions have to be slick and they have to be smart. They have to retain value, and boost confidence in your business as a whole. Though relatively simple, membership wallets can do just.