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Promotional Chargers

There are few things more frustrating in modern life than seeing your phone run out of power, which means investing in promotional chargers for your customers can be an incredibly shrewd move.

The best promotional products are those that make your customers’ lives easier and add value and efficiency to their lives, and chargers most certainly tick these boxes.


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Why choose Printed Chargers 

There are all sorts of options available to you when it comes to branded chargers, so let’s take a closer look at the advantages of giving chargers to your existing and potential customers right now.

Various charging facilities available

Equipment for charging devices can come in all sorts of forms, including not only conventional phone chargers but USB leads, power banks, adapters and more.

When your customers have the charging facilities they need whilst on the move, they can remain connected to the wider world, remain up-to-date with personal and world events and let friends and family members know that they are safe. Backup power can also help your customers escape difficult situations such as when they miss a bus or train or have found themselves lost in unfamiliar territory.

Great for customers and employees

Many companies are opting to hand out charging facilities to their employees as well as their staff to ensure they can stay connected wherever they are. Power banks can store enough energy to charge phones multiple times over. It’s perfectly possible to add your own branding including your logos and contact details to your charging facilities so you can continue promoting your business and ensure users think about your company every time they reach for a power source.

Even if your customers already have a phone charger, chances are that they will benefit from an extra source of power, especially if they need to charge multiple devices simultaneously. Promotional charging facilities can also keep your staff connected to your office, base or HQ when they are working away from home. When you hand out charging facilities to your customers and employees, they never need to be without power whilst on the move ever again.

Spreading exposure

If your customers really don’t have a need for an extra charger or power bank, this doesn’t matter – chances are they will know someone who can make use of it and therefore create extra exposure for your business by passing it on.

Customers and employees can even use them for family purposes, powering up children’s devices during long journeys as well as their own laptops, smartphones and tablets. It’s also important to choose something that has vast appeal and is of use to as many people as possible when shopping for promotional items – again, chargers and charging facilities really do fit the bill.

What’s more is that many gadgets and devices have the same kind of USB socket these days, which means your promotional chargers can power a huge range of practical devices that make people’s lives easier, including torches, printers, cameras, speakers and much more.

How to distribute branded chargers

You can hand out charging facilities in store, at events and exhibitions, at conferences and during product launches. You could even send them out to your customers via the post. Chargers are the most popular promotional gifts on the market today thanks to their vast versatility and wide range of uses, so it makes perfect sense to use them to promote your products and services. Many people carry multiple USB-powered gadgets around with them these days, so you could even consider giving out more than one device per recipient. Chargers and charging facilities cost much less than many people think, and they can deliver a considerable return on investment.

Buy from a trusted source

If you do decide promotional chargers are the right solution for you, make sure you purchase them from a dependable, reputable source

Any supplier of promotional items worth dealing with will talk you through your options and examine your needs closely so they can help you make the right choice for your business.

Constant evolution

Some of the most popular charging facilities on the market today include LED USB car chargers, multi-purpose chargers with multiple leads, lightning cables, charging stations, aluminium solar chargers, 4-in-1 and even 5-in-1 chargers.

The market is evolving all the time, making it even easier to work or enjoy longer periods of leisure time away from domestic plug sockets. Whether your budget will only stretch to basic charging facilities or you are prepared to invest in something more powerful to keep your customers on your side, a host of options are available to you.