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Our Wide Range of Printed Microfibre Cleaning Cloths  

Cleaning cloths and kits are perfect for cleaning screens on many electronics, including phone and tablet screens. However, they can also be safely used to clean glasses and camera lenses.

Given the frequent use they get, why not choose a size, shape and colour that match your brand, and give them away as promotional cleaning cloths at your next corporate event or trade show? Add finishing touches by adding a simple no-frills logo or a complex, full-colour one to remind customers and prospects why you love doing what you do.

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Why Choose Promotional Cleaning Cloths and Kits  

Our promotional cleaning cloths come in a variety of shapes – just some of the options we offer for gifting them to your customers and employees are in a screen and glasses cleaning kit, a cleaner cloth yindax or just a standalone microfiber cleaner cloth. Browse through our collection and you will surely find something to complement your next tradeshow or corporate event.

If you think about it, customised cleaning cloths seem like a simple enough solution that may be apt for any corporate event. The soft microfiber surface is smooth and gentle enough to clean most screens – however, promotional cleaning cloths that are customised in a way that your brand stands out in a highly positive way, will most certainly get heads turning.

Furthermore, if you dig a little deeper, promotional screen cleaners have a variety of uses aside from wiping phone and tablet screens. There are so many items of everyday use that require a soft, high-quality and beautifully tailored piece of cloth to keep them clean such as eyeglasses and camera lenses.

You can certainly run a targeted campaign, urging customers and prospects to buy certain kinds of standalone cleaning cloths and cleaning kits – this would reassure them that you always put a lot of thought into your products and services.

Customised Cleaning Cloths for Promoting Your Brand

You’d be amazed at how finicky spectacle wearers and photographers are when it comes to keeping their lenses clean throughout the day – this is an opportunity to give more exposure to your brand through our custom promotional cloths.   

Check out our diverse collection

choose a size and shape that best complements your brand and leave the rest up to us. For instance, if you need to have your custom lens cleaning cloth included in every cleaning kit for glasses, you can go with a smaller cloth as opposed to one you would choose for, say, camera lens cleaning.

Perhaps you have a limited offer lined up with a complete schedule of events and unique offers – you can easily include all this information on your cleaning cloth – reminding customers that free giveaways and other gift-earning opportunities are right around the corner.

At We Brand 4 You, we know a thing or two about custom microfiber cleaning cloths. With the cellular phone and tablet revolution, promotional screen cleaners have become a great way for companies to push their branding while reminding customers that they are always there to tend to their every need.

Our custom cleaning cloths can be imprinted with full-colour logos and branding designs

many companies in an attempt to cut costs go with an ultra-cheap promotional cleaning cloth which only features the company logo in one colour, and that’s okay. However, one look at our product and price ranges, and you’ll know that we offer some of the most unbeatable prices for promotional cleaning kits and microfiber cloths today, with your graphic designer’s imagination being the only limiting factor.

Still unsure about whether a promotional cleaning cloth can boost your brand irrespective of your industry or target audience? Given how cleaning cloths are relatively small and easy to fold, we doubt if anyone would turn down the idea of getting them as a free gift.

As long as you have a promotional campaign, corporate event or trade show where you know for sure that hundreds to maybe even thousands of customers and prospects will show up, giving out promotional cleaning kits and microfiber cloths can be a great way to show people that convenience is one of your highest priorities when it comes to serving customers.

If you’re uncertain so as to what kind of promotional cleaning cloth design might be ideally suited to your brand promoting efforts, give us a call on 01257 260372