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Choose from our Great Range of Eco Friendly Promotional Products

Are you missing out?

There's change happening, and only businesses that work towards it will benefit. The Go Green movement has gained momentum, and more brands now realize the importance of eco-conscious of companies.

Eco-friendly promotional products are only a small part of the Go Green revolution. But don't fall into the pitfall of ignoring this small part. The role that eco-friendly promotional products play is vital in every business. Like earlier stated, only companies that move towards the change get to grow, keep their customers, and the loyalty that comes with them. 


Why use eco-friendly products in your campaign

The benefit of using eco-conscious promotional products is hard to ignore. Your number one goal, keeping clients and satisfying their needs rests on how eco-conscious your business is.

Green living is the new living.

 Realization has kicked in, and most consumers' preferences have changed. They want their needs fulfilled, but more than that, they want products that don't harm the environment. Recent studies show that environmental concerns do affect the buying decision of more than half of online consumers. That's a sizeable informed number of your ideal client.

Offering eco-friendly promotional products is an effective way to be part of the movement and connect with your consumer base.

Fulfil your CSR responsibility and earn the loyalty of your clients

Nothing beats making a beneficial impact in the lives of your clients, your employees and the society. The way to make it happen is through eco-friendly promo products. This shows that you care for the environment and your clients. It also portrays that you are making a step towards the betterment of society.

CSR can involve ethical sourcing of eco-friendly products or using reusable products in your giveaway. Eco-friendly branded merchandise is a simple way of making your values known to the community.

Show the personal side of your brand through eco-conscious merchandise. 

Like human beings, your business brand does have a human side. Most consumers relate better to a brand that shows their human side in various aspects. When wanting to make an emotional connection with your consumer base, you need to have one common value. And what's a better way than sharing environmental consciousness values with your clients.

In today's economy, most consumers choose to do business with businesses that share the same environmental consciousness with them. Don't miss out on the chance to reinstate your values, show your human side, and gain your client's respect.

Eco-friendly merchandise is durable. 

These products may be made from recycled materials, but they are long-lasting. Whoever receives an eco- product from you will enjoy their gift for a long time. Example, eco-bags are made from 100% cotton, jute or linen. These materials are long-lasting, hardwearing and durable even after long periods of use.

A chance to get creative with branded products

People might equate eco-products with boring, which is the opposite case. With branded eco- friendly promotional products, you represent your business creatively.

From desktop gardens to house-shaped money boxes, creativity is unmatched with eco-friendly products. You get to represent your brand, and your recipients enjoy using practical and fun items.

Popular eco-friendly merchandise

Reusable promotional shopping bags

The average Briton will spend 18 full days shopping for products of all manner and kind. Reusable bags will come in handy for shoppers to reduce the effects of plastic bags on the environment. 

Instead of using a bland plastic bag, try using a reusable shopping bag to package your client's products. Aside from being environmentally conscious, reusable bags are also a chance to promote your brand. The Bayswater Canvas bag is one of the ideal eco-friendly promotional products for shoppers.

Recycled Pens and Pencils

Pens and pencils are used in most parts of a person's life. From school to the work environment, there's always a vast use of pens. Most pens are discarded after use, contributing to the eco- costs of most businesses. Be part of the change by using branded recycled promotional pens in your business and even give them to other stakeholders. The Eclipse recycled pen made from recycled CD cases is an effortless method of being eco-conscious in your operations.

Natural made paper Products.

Papers made from natural elements are biodegradable and not harmful to the ecosystem. When giving out eco-friendly promotional products, pair them with recycled pens for practicality. Our Green and Good wire notebook is mostly the best option for natural made paper products.

Seed sticks

Unique and diverse, seed stick promotional items are eco-friendly and natural. They also solve a problem for the recipient. They come in different types, shape and design. With your logo printed over the papers, your name shines as the seed sticks grow into beautiful plants. It's a natural reminder about your business to clients and stakeholders.

Explore our diverse design and types of seed sticks for your next eco-friendly promotional campaign.

The perfect occasions to gift eco-friendly merchandise

Earth Day

More than a billion people from different countries are involved in the April 22nd event every year. Earth Day is an opportunity to get involved in promoting eco-friendly products. You can also include recycled promotional merchandise and reusable goods. One objective of Earth Day is to inspire action. Through eco-friendly promotional products, you solve a problem and encourage others.

Special Holidays

Holidays are a chance to show loyalty to the environment and appreciation to your clients. Eco-friendly promotional merchandise like the Christmas tree seed sticks are relevant on such occasions.

Charity events

For businesses that participate in charity events, eco-friendly promotional products are great giveaways. They are also a good option when raising funds for a particular charity drive you are funding.  

Corporate Events and Trade Fairs

Eco-friendly merchandise will help you stand out in a trade show or corporate event. For outdoorsy events, recycled frisbees and water bottles will excite the participants. For corporate events, recycled notepads will be useful and provide a chance for business promotion. 

Which business is best suited for eco-friendly promotional products

The truth of the matter is, every business is suited for promoting eco-friendly merchandise. The reason? Consumers connect with brands that are out to care and respect the environment. Most of the consumers are already involved in the Green movement, and it's only wise to engage where your clients are.

What's more, there is no wrong situation to offer eco-friendly branded merchandise. Here are a few ideal instances to offer recycled promotional products : 

When launching a new product or service

Launching a new product is hard work. And getting people to see its usefulness or how it simplifies their lives is even more challenging. To make it a memorable launch for you and everyone, offer them eco-friendly branded merchandise. Ensure that your promotional item ties back to the just-launched product, to remain relevant and authentic to the event.

Introducing a new corporate identity

 Did you recently change, reinvent or introduce a new corporate identity, an eco promotional product will come handy. A simple eco-friendly item will make a bold statement and remain unforgettable to most.

You are guaranteed quality eco-friendly promotional merchandise.

Whatever eco-friendly branded items you choose, we guarantee products made from the quality material. We use the latest technology and experts to ensure that the products last long. Our green products are genuinely green and produced from recycling or natural products.

Sustainable promotional products to show that you care

Businesses give promotional items to signify different values and aspects. With eco-friendly promotional products, you define your stand on environmental consciousness while helping out your clients. Even the small items like keyrings, pencils and yoyos will make a huge impact. 

There are plenty of promotional eco-friendly products to use for your next campaign. What matters is finding the most relevant merchandise that your recipients would love and appreciate. With so many promo products, it can be hard to choose only one. When that happens, our team is more than ready to help and support you from selection to delivery.

Go Green with eco-friendly promotional merchandise.

 Have you identified an eco-friendly promotional product you need for your next campaign? Do you need the merchandise to be quality, delivered fast and made to precision? If so, then We Brand 4 You has the services you need. Ours is a streamlined process with customer support all the way through. Call us today and let's get started on your Go Green promotional campaign.