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Branded  Folders Printed or Embossed with Your Company Logo

Branded  folders complete any seminar or conference and here at we offer a wide range of promotional conference and seminar folders for all your needs.

Give your clients something that they can take to their meetings or to work where they, and everyone else around them, can admire the products while your branding is on display. By investing in versatile promotional conference folders, you can add value to the recipient while promoting awareness of your own brand. 

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An extensive range of conference folders

Whether you are looking for a selection of folders for your team or you want to order a bulk to give to clients and suppliers, there are many options. In many different shapes and sizes, you can order them to fulfil a number of requirements. A popular choice is the A4 folder which is just the right size to carry or to pop in a briefcase or bag while others prefer something more compact that can slip into a handbag or glove compartment. The good news is that, whatever you are looking for, we can supply it to your specifications.

Choose from a variety of functions

From storing documents to having something to open up and write notes on, a conference folder can offer a variety of functions. From a simple cardboard presentation folder that contains a notebook and a pen, to something that has a USB, a calculator and folds out into a flipchart presentation wallet, there really isn’t much we can’t offer. What you need to decide is the purpose of the product, what you will use it for, who you will give it to and what you expect them to use it for. Included in your folders you can choose from:

  • Pens or pencils which can also be branded with your promotional content
  • Paper in the form of notepads, again these can be branded
  • Various pockets for storing business cards and promotional leaflets
  • Other useful tools such as calculators and USBs

Of course, what you offer with your folders will depend on the purpose of the products and the budget that you intend to allocate to them.  

Create the impression of professionalism

If you are buying these products for your sales team, they will be well prepared for client meetings and presentations and it will add the edge of professionalism to your company. 

Choosing the right material

Cardboard, PVC, leather… there are many choices when it comes to the material you choose. If you are organising a one day conference with many attendees it may be that you opt for a budget-friendly cardboard variety that contains a pen and a notepad. Branded with your company details, it is a great takeaway that will be referred back to as people reflect on their notes from the event.

If you want to create a more professional impression then you can opt for something of a higher quality. Perhaps you are going to give them to loyal customers that have been buying products from you for a number of years or maybe you want to reward employees with something of a greater value. In this case you want something that is durable and that will last a long time.  

Allocate a budget

From budget-friendly options to deluxe leather conference folders that come in their own presentation gift box, we cater for all budgets. Your business and the intended use of these folders will determine which end of the spectrum you opt for.

If you offer a high value product and you want to make an impression then you will want to invest more to get a product that will impress with its quality. If you are organising a one day event or giving things away at an exhibition then you may decide for a lower budget option.

Branding and promotional content

Once you have chosen the type of conference folder that you want to buy, you need to decide how you will brand it. Again, this will largely depend on the intended purpose. The budget-friendly cardboard options can be branded all over with an image and your logo while you may just opt for a gilded logo on a leather version. Choosing the A4 Essential Conference Pack, for example, gives you the opportunity to brand the outside with logos, images, text, website, company details and more.

If you have any questions about any of the products in this section or about any of our other products, the team will be only too happy to help.

Simply drop us a message and we will endeavour to get back to you as soon as possible. We are committed to helping you get exactly what you want from your promotional folders.