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Promotional Gift Sets 

If you’re looking to wow your customers or impress your colleagues, then Printed Gift sets are a great idea. Branded gift sets can improve your marketing efforts, spread your brand, and generally get the word out about your company. Common promotional gift sets include things like  promotional pens, wearable goods, and mugs, but there are hundreds of different kinds of beauty gifts that you can find in our selection, as well as first aid kits to espresso sets.

Our branded beauty products will look truly fantastic inside handbags and are perfect for  hairdressing salons, health spas, and makeup artists who need to launch their business with style.



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Why Buy Branded Gifts Sets

Promotional gift sets are ideal for businesses and charities for a number of reasons, but perhaps the most important is their ability to spread the brand image. Printed gift packs are a surefire way to build goodwill and rapport with customers. Although the cost of printed sets is usually relatively low, the perceived value to the customer is often high. After all, they’re getting something for free. What’s more, certain types of gifts turn your customers into brand ambassadors.

A customer who carries a pen with company branding everywhere they go not only benefits from the use of the pen but also gets your brand in front of all the people with whom they interact.

Gift Sets with a branded company logo are a great way to promote a cause or raise awareness.

Let’s say that you’re a company that wants to incentivise customers to buy your products or services week after week. One of the things that you could do is give customers the opportunity to collect tokens, and then when they’ve collected enough, send off for a promotional gift.

If you run a coffee shop, for instance, you could set up a scheme whereby customers collect stamps every time they buy a coffee, and then once they’ve got enough, have them send them off to receive a coffee-related promotional gift set, like our espresso mug set. If you’re a charity, you could also use a promotional gift set to raise awareness about an event or an anniversary, complete with corporate branding.

Promotional gifts not only help you to ingratiate yourself with your target customers, but they also boost conversions and sales.

Why? Because they can sometimes be the catalyst that convinces a customer to get off the fence and buy your product. There are all kinds of businesses, from insurance companies to comparison websites which offer gifts when a person buys their services. You could do the same, tipping the balance in your favour versus the competition.

Promotional gift sets come in all shapes and sizes giving you scope to customise them to your particular promotion. Remember, when you choose a promotional gift, you’ll get your branding plastered all over it, helping to build your brand image and the value of your company.

You can choose practical promotional gift sets, like screen cleaning products (ideal gifts for people who use their computers a lot) to our 5-piece relaxation gift set, complete with towels, soothing essential oils and cooling eyewear.

Still stuck for ideas ? then have we have a fantastic range of lip balms and compact mirrors which you could consider.