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Branded Hand Sanitiser

 For anyone looking to find easy ways to promote their business, it pays to get creative. With our help at We Brand 4 You, we can open your eyes to just how brandable your business is with the use of promotional products. Out of all the things that you could use to help boost your business in terms of its reputation, you have many options. One of the most popular options, though, stems from using promotional hygiene products. What better way to show that you care about people than by giving them items that keep them healthy?

That’s why our promotional hand sanitisers is easily one of our smartest promotional products. When put to good use in the workplace, or anywhere, our printed hand sanitiser can be just what you are looking for. With all the various items that we sell in this collection, you can make sure that marketing your business just got a whole lot easier.


We Brand 4 You have a full range of branded wellbeing giveaways to choose from such as lip balms, first aid kits or plasters 


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By using our various promotional products, you can turn your business into a brand. It’s all about leveraging the reputation that you have and boosting it further. By using smart and secure promotional items, like hand sanitiser gel, this can become so much easier!

Pick up one of our promo hand sanitiser product ranges, and you can make this challenging marketing campaign to come much easier to handle. We can give you all the help that you need to locate high quality promotional products. Printed with your company name and ethos, these work excellently for reputation improvement.

Why should I use promotional hand sanitiser ?

When you choose to make your business stand out from the crowd, you need to use the right items. At We Brand 4 You, our most popular items are the kind of products you can use to your advantage. Simply take a look at what we have for you in terms of our sanitiser products. You will soon see why this is such a great niche to get into with regards to company branding.

With printed hand sanitiser, you are showing people that you care about their health and conditioning. That is why so many business owners have contacted us to get some sanitiser products made up. They want to show people that they care, and they want to improve the standard of care in their own workplace.

But why should you then use your workplace to do the advertising for someone else? You can cut out the middle man instead. With We Brand 4 You, we allow you to easily turn your own product ideas into full branded in-house products. With their own design and layout, you can soon start promoting quality products.

It’s a big reason why we recommend that you look to have access to our printed hand sanitiser. Not only will this give you access to easy products to sell, but they can be used in your workplace. Trust us when we say that your business will look far more professional when it comes to having in-house sanitary and healthcare products available instead of brand names!

What, though, should you use? What can we offer you?

Hand Sanitiser printed with your company logo

The main product that we sell is our clip-on hand sanitiser product. This is one of our most popular forms of marketing today. Many people see it as a great little product to have available in rest rooms and even on the shop shelves. If you want to raise healthcare standards where you are, then you should look to do so through distribution of sanitising products.

So, why not take a look at our high quality sanitiser  promotional products?

With your branding attached, they’ll let people know just who cares for their health!

Promotional Desk sanitiser

Another good choice would be our small but effective desk sanitiser products. Great for use anywhere with tills, keyboards etc. You could get some company branded sanitiser products to use as Promotional Merchandise. These look good, they feel reliable, and they can be easily used by more than one person time and time again.

Pick this up, and you should have no problem at all in using a promotional hand sanitiser as promotional merchandise to your advantage. Why not take a look, then, and see what we can do for you?

With some printed hand sanitisers, you can keep everyone healthier.

Antibacterial Spray

Another good product to have in offices, staff rooms, canteens etc. is some antibacterial spray. Get your company name printed on this and it will look even cooler especially if yuo opt for an option with full colour print, even better. We recommend that you pick up some antibacterial spray if you are looking for something a bit more professional to have around the office.

You can hand a hand sanitiser out to people or have them in places like your rest rooms. A good choice to help make sure your business can be seen as a company that takes the hygiene of its staff and its customers seriously moving forward.


Our sani-sticks are a good choice for anyone who wants to get away from using sprays, foams, and gels. These are easy to have in your staff rooms and rest rooms for anyone who would like to clean their hands this way. You could even have these handed out to local companies and other businesses who have rest rooms etc.

It’s a good choice for anyone who wants to have another smart product to hand out to their audience.

Whatever you choose from our promotional hand sanitisers, though, you’ll get plenty of assistance. Just let us know what you are looking to have created, and the in-house team at We Brand 4 You can make that possible!