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Printed  Magnets 

Even though promotional magnets have been a staple marketing tool for quite some time, they are still as potent as ever when it comes to higher engagement with your audience. Unlike paper-based advertising and branding media, magnets tend to stay with audiences for years.

Why are printed and promotional magnets so effective at boosting your brand one might wonder? At We Brand 4 You, we believe they are a great way of providing an easy reference point for customers which is why they can be perfectly tailored to your main brand message – whether you’re posting your easy-to-access contact number or printing a reminder about an upcoming promotional event.

A staggering 91% of consumers have at least one promotional product in the Kitchen and the survey of homeowners showed that Brits look at the Fridge 14 times in a day.

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Why Choose Promotional Magnets  ?

Printed fridge magnets are a valuable promotional tool, because all too often throughout the day, folks might pass by their fridge or open the cabinet to make some coffee. Printed logo magnets, therefore, make for a very stealthy marketing tactic which can yield highly positive outcomes for your branding in both the short and long term.

Custom printed magnets remind people on a daily basis about what your brand represents and with such a wide assortment of promotional magnets available at We Brand 4 You including fridge magnets, acrylic magnets and calendar magnets, you can easily promote new initiatives, announcements or events in style. Have your brand stand out in the hearts and minds of your existing and potential customers through our promotional magnets for branding.    

Printed magnets are superb promotional tools due to a number of reasons. For one, they are inexpensive, even if purchased in bulk, and make widespread brand awareness campaigns more affordable, especially where company budgets need to be controlled. For another, they are not only practical but very easy and fun to use, no matter what the target audience. Promotional magnets can also maintain the brand’s visibility for several years.

If you’re planning to attend a corporate event or trade show anytime soon, remember to pack a few promotional magnets and custom printed magnets with your logo to hand out to your existing customers and new prospects – you’ll certainly win hearts and paint your brand colours in a positive light.

no matter what your industry or product/services. Why not inform your patrons of a brand new menu by throwing in a promotional fridge menu magnet as you’re having orders delivered? Or make a creative announcement for an upcoming promotional event by creating custom fridge magnets with the respective dates and event type. Perhaps promote your real estate business on a car door magnet? You could even help customers stay organised by giving out magnetic calendars.

Simply put, we’re here to help you grow your brand like a magnet. The sky’s the absolute limit and we can help you customise your promotional printed magnets in a way that keeps your brand going strong for years to come.

Many a times, when you’re entertaining guests and as the small talk dies down, everyone anxiously looks around, waiting for someone to spark a conversation on another subject, and as eyes nervously dart around, almost everyone instinctively stops to look at the fridge. This is the perfect opportunity to have your brand stand out in a highly personalised and relatable way.

It is without doubt that custom fridge magnets are an unconventional yet extremely effective way of getting company logos and branding to stand out in the everyday lives of people, without inconveniencing them in any way.

Printed fridge magnets with brand logos are not only functional but also serve as a reminder which further compliments the message you wish to project. Some of your customers, however, may prefer to stick up your custom brand magnets at the office, in which case, your brand will be getting plenty of exposure from professionals, managers and CEOs alike. You know how word gets around when people start talking about it at the office! 

There is a very long list of companies that use Promotional  Magnets

  • Maintenance
  • Boiler Services
  • Gas & Electric Services 
  • Charities
  • Councils and Governments 
  • Event Giveaways
  • Mail shots 
  • Education - Term Time Cards - School Contacts
  • Automotive 
  • Courier Services
  • Mot & Service reminders 


Promote your business today through our customised magnets.

If you have any questions, We Brand 4 You, we can help you choose the right solution to promote your brand. Have a look at our diverse variety of custom printed magnets and if you need any help at all with choosing the right one, please contact us on 01257 260372