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Promotional Compact Mirrors 

Ensure your brand stays constantly in front of your customers eye-line with branded compact mirrors which are the perfect choice for ladies to pop in their handbags. Promotional compact mirrors have a great branding area for your logo and make an excellent giveaway for both customers and prospects. They are Ideal for travel promotions or the beauty sector, We Brand 4 You have a range of mirrors to choose from including plastic and metal options so there is something suitable for all budgets.

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Branded Compact Mirrors Printed with your logo

Promotional compact mirrors are the perfect way to keep your brand in the public eye. A compact mirror is a useful item that many people -- men as well as women -- are going to want to keep with them and use regularly. With many different styles and materials available, you're sure to find a compact mirror that's ideal for your company and your target clientele.

You already know the value of promotional materials. Branded pens, stationery, flash drives and other commonly used items are a great way to generate interest, recognition and loyalty. However, you may not have considered compact mirrors as an effective marketing tool. In fact, compact mirrors may be the ideal item for your company's niche.

Why compact mirrors?

There are countless types of branded promotional items. Everything from the humble ballpoint pen to tote-bags and umbrellas can be branded and given away to future clients. Even apparel such as baseball caps and t-shirts can be branded and used to promote companies, products or services. It's very important that you choose the right product for your target market.

Choosing a product that will be a great match for your consumer base is very important. Even though promotional items are inexpensive, you're still wasting your advertising budget if you pick something your customers aren't likely to appreciate and use. If your clients are largely business-oriented, items like business card holders or stylish writing instruments may be a good fit. For a young, digitally savvy customer base, you might want to look at items like mobile phone covers or branded flash drives loaded with useful promotional information.

Compact mirrors are ideal if your customer base is predominantly female. Branded compact mirrors are particularly desirable if you're in the fashion or beauty sectors but they make fantastic promotional items for any business with a majority female clientele, young or old. That said, a compact mirror isn't necessarily feminine -- they're also appropriate for promoting men's grooming products, for example. In any context where your potential customers are likely to be concerned about their looks, branded compact mirrors are a great option.

Other benefits of Company logo compact mirrors

Promotional compact mirrors have many other advantages, too. For one thing, they're an extremely useful item -- the kind of thing that a customer is likely to carry around in a bag or pocket every day. This means that the owner of the item is reminded of your brand when the mirror is slipped into a handbag, not to mention every time used throughout the day.

Compact mirrors are also items that are likely to be shared, loaned out to friends or even given as small gifts. This makes them particularly powerful in terms of conveying your message to a greater number of people. Mirrors are also something that might easily be noticed in public. Picture a woman checking her makeup on the bus or train on her way into work: she will hold up the mirror with the branded back facing outwards, allowing fellow commuters nearby to see it. This kind of casual exposure to your brand can be really positive.

Types of branded compact mirrors

Just as it's important to select the right kind of product for your target market, you will want to select the right kind of compact mirror. There are many different varieties to choose from, all of them with characteristics that will appeal to a specific type of person. For instance, a narrow oblong mirror would be much more suitable for men's grooming products than a cute heart-shaped mirror in pink plastic. The wide range of products on offer allows you to fine tune your promotional gifts to appeal to your customers' particular interests.

Some aspects to consider include

- Colour. As well as ensuring that the colours you choose harmonise with your brand's livery and iconography, you will also want to choose colours that will appeal to your customer base. If your brand uses bright colours but this specific promotion is aimed at a more mature customer, you might want to consider more reserved shades.

- Effects and finishes. Compact mirrors are available with materials in lots of different materials, from reflective metal to matte silicone to pearlescent plastic. Pay attention to your customer research when selecting a material and finish that's right for your consumers.

- Shape. Mirrors are available in a range of shapes and sizes. For a makeup range aimed at fashion-forward women, a larger mirror with a round or oval shape might be very appealing. If you're advertising your products to men or to women with a practical streak, a smaller and slimmer mirror with a rectangular shape may be more appropriate. For children and young adults, a more playful outline might be a good choice: heart, flower and animal shapes might be a good choice for this kind of demographic.

- Features. Compact mirrors often come with extra features, such as a dual mirror, a built-in hairbrush or comb, or a space for tissues or cosmetics. Dual mirror compacts are a great option of your customers are likely to be using makeup -- as well as a plain side, they have a magnifying mirror for achieving those perfect details. If your company is in the cosmetics sector, you could supply a mirror with a sample of your products. Compact mirrors with built-in brushes are a great option if you know your customer base is busy and may need to be well-groomed in a hurry.