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Promotional T Shirts

Promotional t-shirts can be used for a wide range of things. This is why we have a range of branded clothing for you to choose from.

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Explanation of the best positions to customise printed -shirts

Sleeve – surprisingly large area, depending on garment size, 7-9cm across around the arm can be achieved, big enough for a logo or icon, or sponsor logo if required.

Chest – commonly used for logos and sometimes staff names and positions, optimum size 7.5cm to 10cm across

Front or Back – largest of available branding areas, averaging 250mm x 250mm perfect or large designs, huge logo replication, calls to action and taglines

Reverse neck – perfect for web domains, larger taglines or calls to action up to 12cm across

Positions for custom printed logo


The benefits of printing a T-shirt with your company logo

Custom T-shirts printed will boost your brand in multiple ways.

Retail environments with an active shop floor team, wearing branded t-shirts will allow shoppers to easily locate a member for help and assistance.

Charity fund-raising teams decked in fund-raising printed t-shirts with the charities cause and messages will be able to rally more more support and sign ups.

Industry shows and exhibition – A well considered logo to the right customised T-shirt will increase a company’s visibility.

Corporate t-shirts worn in the workplace encourage a team environment and inclusion.

Leisure sector – Promotional printing to work wear will allow gym members to differentiate between reception teams and instructors on the gym floor.

Bands or performing acts Printed merchandise in the form of printed T-shirts can be an effective re-seller tool, to be staged at merchandise stalls during gigs to sell onto attendees for additional profit.

Charity campaigns and awareness events can benefit from custom printed t-shirts for volume rallies or hand outs to spread the message for urgent fund-raising appeals, the Red Nose Day appeal is famously successful example of how logo t-shirts aid the visibility of the charity cause.