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Browse our collection of Branded Tech Giveaways new for 2022

First of all, it’s worth looking at what people use most and how the promotional gadgets you choose might be of use to them. 80% of adults in the UK use smartphones and that number is always rising. Therefore, it makes a lot of sense that many of the best promotional products we sell are related to smartphones in one way or another. Phone stands & Holders that have your branding printed on them are particularly popular right now, but things like stylus pens and USB sticks are great too.


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Mobile branding is a big deal because it directly related to what people really want from promotional products these days. You should always want the recipients of these promotional tech gifts to get as much as out of them as possible. That’s another reason why power banks and other kinds of charging devices are so popular right now. These products fulfil a purpose, and that can only be a good thing for your branding efforts going forward.

If you do choose to opt for a power bank as the answer to your promotional tech gift needs, we’ll ensure the finished product offers the real quality that you’re looking for. Your branding will be printed onto the charging device in a professional, high-quality manner, offering the long-term durability you want your products and your branding to have. There’s also a variety of styles and colours available for you to make the most of.

We also provide things like fitness devices, such as fitness bands that people use to measure their performance when exercising. This form of tech has grown massively in recent years and many people want simple and easy solutions to their fitness tech needs. You can really make the most of that fact by introducing fitness bands to your stable of promotional tech gifts. They’re sure to go down well.

There are lots of other kinds of tech devices that make great promotional tech gifts as well. Bluetooth speakers are widely used, so you should look at the ones we have available to buy in our store. They offer another example of a tech item that people will make use of and that people actually want. They’re fantastic in the corporate world and can be a nice addition to any executive business desk.

When you choose the kinds if promotional tech gifts mentioned here, you’ll make your branded products a part of your customers’ daily routines and lives. Your branding will be on display for all to see and not thrown in a drawer and forgotten about the way some of the less impressive corporate gifts might be. Making your promotional gifts stand out and used by customers is what this kind of marketing is all about.

If you’re looking for something that’s a little bit more fun and novel, there are plenty of promoted gifts to consider. These can be just as suitable as promotional gifts because people can play around with them and associate your products with having a good time. Anything from fidget spinners fitted out with LEDs to small-scale VR products can be used as great promotional items. Earphones and technology like that are often also used as promotional tech gifts.

There’s clearly a massive importance placed on choosing tech gifts over other options these days. And that’s because the vast majority of us lead lives that are fully integrated with technology in various ways. We all use tech and we all see its benefits, so your promotional products need to fit in with that worldview too. We feel the promotional tech gifts we supply are capable of keeping your customers and clients happy. We’re always updating the range of tech products that we have available in our store for you to purchase and customise with your branding. It’s our aim to always improve what we offer, innovating and bringing forward new ideas whenever we can. So keep browsing our range of exciting promotional tech products and find the ones that you think will work best for your company.