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Despite how much technology we have access to, whether it be typing on a screen or telling the latest voice activated AI what we want, you can never be too far away from a pen. Even the most technically savvy amongst us can be bought to a standstill when we can’t find one. It’s a staple part of everyday life and a powerful tool which, of course, is said to be mightier than the sword.


You can never be without a writing instrument 

Whether it’s a ball point black biro for signing documents or something to scribble your shopping list with, there will be days when you will open the kitchen drawer or reach into your pocket or bag for one. For many of us it’s not something that we physically go to a stationery shop to buy.

We often find ourselves with a drawer full of Pens that we have picked up somewhere. Often in vibrant colours with company branding, we keep hold of these free items because they come in useful at various points of our day or week. 

Include them in your marketing mix

Now, if you are a company looking to add value and incentivise your customers, writing instuments pens are a critical part of the marketing mix. Whoever you are, whatever your line of business and however many customers you have, you can’t go wrong with this simple staple. The value of this one simple item could be unlimited when you consider how many customers it could bring. Whether you’re selling products or services, just one customer that retains that item and calls on you in the future makes the whole exercise worthwhile.


Printed writinginstruments add value to your business

Let’s not forget the value to your business. Give them to staff, give them to suppliers and reward customer loyalty with a promotional pen that is a constant advertisement for your business. Choose from ball point biros, styluses, pencils, highlighters, multi-functional pens and more.


Consider the quality of your products and services

They don’t have to be expensive but consider the products and the value of your products before deciding on the quality that you choose. If you sell high quality goods, you want to reflect this with the quality of the merchandise that you give away. A nice classy, silver pen that doubles as a stylus is a good choice. If you are a fun and vibrant company then you can reflect this with funky colours and styles.

How will you brand your pens?

The branding is an important part of the process and how you brand your promotional pens is a reflection of your company. If you are a modern, fresh, funky and vibrant company then choose a bold colour. If you are keen to get your website out there then make sure you include it somewhere. Don’t try and include too much detail. Use your company colours and logo to make them more customised to your business.


Consider the functionality

Who will use these items? Who are your customers and how will they use it? Does it need to have a clip on the top for business men to clip on the inside of their jacket? Perhaps you have someone who uses their phone quite a lot so a stylus is more relevant. If they are going to it a lot, consider the comfort of the grip and how easy it is to write with. Are they refillable and is it easy to get refills?


Is it a gift or reward?

If you are looking to reward your customers for loyalty then consider a nice set in a presentation gift box. Something that includes a mechanical pencil, rollerball and ballpoint pen with a pouch to keep them in perhaps. These personal touches are a great way to stand out from competitors and make a nice change from bottles of wine.


What quantity do you need?

Quantity is another consideration. Are you looking to rebrand or change your website in the future? If so you may want to consider a smaller order than someone who has no plans to rebrand or make any changes. How many customers, staff or suppliers do you have? Will 100 be enough or do you need to place an order for a greater quantity?

At, we can provide many options when it comes to promotional pens for your business and are happy to answer any enquiries that you might have.



At We Brand 4 You we offer a  wide range of options when it comes to pens and writing instruments, We can provide you a host of pens from cheap plastic to expensive Parker Pens and more.