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Why Choose Personalised Giveaways

Did you know that 85 per cent of people do business with a company after receiving a personalised item?

Personalised giveaways are one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal to build relationships with your audience and deliver value.

Businesses have used personalised giveaways as a cost-effective marketing tool for many decades. It’s proven itself to be a powerful strategy, again and again, across many markets and cultures. There’s something fundamental in the human psyche that loves to receive free stuff. Every time you give something away to your customers, you build trust and create an unconscious obligation.

The act of giving increases the likelihood that your prospects will come back to you in the future.

Help Your Customers Remember When They Last Saw You

If you want to make your interactions with customers memorable, then personalised giveaways are the perfect marketing device.

Did you know that 94 per cent of people remember where they received a personalised gift?

A gifted personlised item is a powerful way to get prospects to remember their interactions with you. It’s much more potent than, say, billboard advertising or a website banner — the act of giving initiates a unique psychological response that your customers find irresistible.

Gifts Increase How Long Your Customers Remember You

Personalised Gifts can increase how long your customers remember you for after your initial interaction.

Consumer surveys reveal that 90 per cent of your prospects remember your brand name for 24 months after giving them a gift - an incredible figure.

What’s more, when you give gifts, customers are more than six times more likely to refer you to a friend or colleague. Giveaways create an army of brand ambassadors who can improve your conversions.

Get Low-Cost, Effective Marketing

Digital and traditional marketing are both expensive. When advertising on social media, you bid against other advertisers, leading to spirally costs. It’s a money drain.

Hot pesonalised giveaways, on the other hand, are different. Not only are they cost-effective, but also potent in helping your customers remember who you are and what you sell. When you give a freebie to a customer, it boosts their interest in your enterprise. You imbibe them with knowledge of what your firm does so that when they need your services, they think of you first.

At We Brand 4 You, we stock an enormous variety of the best personalised branded giveaways you can use to appeal to your audience, whoever they may be. Here are just a few ideas of the kind of customers who could benefit from our incredible personalised items.

Stress toys are ideal for companies who serve people with high-pressure jobs such as teachers, emergency services personnel, people in the financial services industry, and those in legal firms Stickers are ideal for children, young people, creative customers and music fans. Lighters are a popular choice of gift for homeowners, campers, cooks and other people in the food prep industry. Gift sets and giveaway pens are a popular choice for recruits and sign-ups Of course, how you use your promotional giveaways are practically endless and entirely up to you.


Business cards were once a popular strategy for gaining clients, but in today’s fast-paced world, they’re becoming less effective. People collect business cards by the dozen. It’s hard to make yours stand out.

With a personalised giveaway items, delivering contact details to prospects in a fun and rewarding way is easy. Print your company name, email and phone number on your giveaways and instantly upstage the competition. Companies like to thank their customers for doing business with them. It’s a way of showing your gratitude for all of the times that your customers used your services, despite alternatives being available. Most companies send a thank you email or letter in the post - a nice touch, but you could do better.

Data suggest that people are much more likely to continue using your business after the first sale if you give them a free giveaway. Gifts drive people to use your firm again and again, even if competitors are trying to take market share.

People also like rewards. By sending your customers gifts for using your services or buying your products, you create a sense of gratitude in them, encouraging them to interact with your firm more in the future.

The great thing about giveaway merchandise is that it makes the cost per impression less expensive. Impressions on social media, PPC and traditional marketing are all proportional to the amount of money you spend. The higher your marketing budget, the more people you reach - it’s as simple as that. Throughout it all, cost per impression stays the same.

The great thing about printed personalised giveaways is that you can use them to slash the cost per impression and make your advertising budget go further.

The reason for this is how people use their personalised giveaways. As soon as you give a branded promotional item to a prospect, there’s a good chance that that person will use the product in front of other people. Those other people will see your branding, all for free.

Giveaway Gifts Motivate Completion Of Your Calls-To-Action

Direct mail motivates about eight per cent of people to complete a call-to-action. Online is about the same. TV manages to get up to a respectable 16.9 per cent, but nothing compares to giveaway gifts, responsible for a full 50.7 per cent conversion rate. That’s ludicrously good.

So what’s the bottom line here? If you want to increase your sales performance and hang on to customers, then personalised giveaways are the best strategy. The return on your investment could be considerable, particularly if you rely on converting a large number of high-value prospects for your business.

We provide practically every kind of giveaway you can imagine, allowing you to tailor your promotions to your audience and brand.