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Promotional Bar Accessories

When running a successful bar company, there are many different factors that are important to consider in order to keep you at the top of your game. A great team, top quality customer service and of course, bespoke branded bar accessories.

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But What are Promotional Bar Accessories?

Put simply, promotional bar accessories are any items of merchandise or stock that carry your companies logo or brand name and design. Having branded material for your business is becoming ever increasingly important in this visual age and there are a number of different benefits for customers and businesses alike. It helps create a strong relationship between your business and the customer and overall studies have shown it also sees an increase in positive word of mouth and better repeat business.

So what other reasons are there to use branded bar accessories? Here are just a few -

1. Creates Good Customer Relationships

Using promotional bar accessories helps create a strong narrative for your consumer. By giving your brand a definite identity, your customer can begin to feel a connection to your product and are more likely to return in the future. Promotional branded material is a great way for smaller businesses to get themselves noticed, but even large companies that experience global success still use promotional marketing materials to drive customers back to their brand again and again. Studies show that customers are more likely to want to visit a company or brand after receiving branded merchandise and that instant connection a logo or company name makes can have a long lasting impact.

But creating good relationships doesn't just stop with your customers. You can also use promotional bar accessories to reach out to other businesses and suppliers you use, helping to create stronger inter-business links which can help to expand your brand. Working collaboratively is very important, especially in the competitive bar world, and promotional bar accessories are a good way to get yourself noticed.

2. Inspires Loyalty to your Brand

Customers who feel a brand speaks directly to them and their values are much more likely to recommend them to family and friends. With so much competition, especially in the hospitality industry, it is now more vital than ever to inspire a sense of customer loyalty. With so many online review sites, word of mouth can be make or break for a modern business. Many customers keep and reuse promotional merchandise, especially every day items like cups or bags, and this creates a sense of instant brand recognition.

When a customer uses your brand, you want them to have an emotional response - to feel a bond, a connection. Being able to reach out to every customer and make each of them feel like they are a considered individual is an important business skill and using promotional branded material is a great, easy way to achieve this. We all known the name of the fast food restaurant behind the golden arches and even giants like Coca-Cola saw an increase in turnover when they ran their specifically personalised name label bottles. It is clear that reaching out to your customer and making them feel valued as an individual is key to inspiring loyalty and keeping them coming back for more.

3. Free Advertising - Well, Almost!

Although you can't get anything for free these days, branded bar products can help to keep marketing costs low and provide strong visual advertising with fairly minimal effort and cost. A strong brand identity is essential across social media platforms and having promotional bar material that is instantly recognisable for your business is a must. Moreover, by having your customers use branded products, wherever they are - so is your brand. A traditional advert might stick in the mind for a few days, but branded merchandise is used over and over again and each time your business name and logo is reminded to the customer.

Branded merchandise has also been proven by studies to be a more effective way to advertise than traditional media such a television or radio. This is because it creates a dynamic, interactive experience for the customer and is therefore able to make a greater, longer lasting impression. If a customer uses their branded merchandise in their every day life, the amount of people exposed to your brand name or logo can increase exponentially at no additional cost. This makes promotional bar accessories an important consideration for any serious bar company.

4. Greater Customer Retention

Relating back to the idea of inspiring customer loyalty, promotional bar accessories can also in turn see a higher level of customer retention. If your brand has a strong sense of identity that speaks to your consumer, they are more likely to want to be associated with that brand and keep returning back to the business again and again.

Attracting new customers to your business is said to be up to five times harder than retaining the custom of someone already using your brand. It is therefore essential to take on board the role of customer retention and by continuing to focus on these returning customers, whilst still looking to grow your business, is easily achievable with the help of promotional bar accessories.

5. More Opportunities to Gift Customer Rewards

Branded bar products are a great way to reward your customer through business related competitions and giveaways. It encourages your company and the customer to build a relationship together and makes them seem valued and considered as your consumer. Your business can not only run these sorts of competitions in house, but across social media too, increasingly the opportunities for business visibility and provide the ability to reach more customers. It is a well known fact that customers respond well to companies that actually go out of their way to engage with them and this dialogue between customer and business is one that should continue to evolve and grow if you want your business continue to be successful.

6. Promotional Products Often Translate to an Increase in Sales

As promotional materials will often make a bigger, longer lasting impact than other forms of advertising, this in turn can see an increase in the level of sales and new leads. Running different promotions with accessories relevant to this can boost sales in isolation, but continually ensuring your brand is as visible and recognisable as possible is a great way to attract and interest new customers.

7. Give Your Accessories a Longer Life

When consumers are presented with promotional bar accessories, studies have show that unlike non-branded merchandise, rather than just throw it away when finished, they will in fact re-gift it. This means that your brand can find its way to new customers before they have even used your services and see your brand appearing far and wide and bringing you to the attention of consumers you may otherwise have never been able to reach. A poll found that customers will usually keep promotional material for up to six months, which is a huge length of time for your business to find exposure from one item.

8. Helps Your Business Stand Out from the Competition

In the competitive bar industry, there are always new companies starting up and old, established brands to take on. Having instantly recognisable merchandise is important to make your business easily recognisable and establish its place in the market. No matter what your business's size or budget, there are plenty of cost effective ways to use promotional marketing accessories to your advantage.

So What Bar Items can be Branded?

When it comes to promotional bar accessories, the good news is that the opportunities to create branded merchandise are pretty much endless. Specific bar items such as aprons, swizzle sticks for drinks and cups and glasses are easily identifiable options. However, you can also choose to have branded t shirts that can be worn by staff and on sale for customers. These are also great as an option when running competitions or publicising events.

Branded bar items can also feature a unique selling point for your staff to use during service. A branded wine box and bottle opener or corkscrew are a fun and theatrical addition and a way to make the experience feel more personal and memorable. If your business offers take away options, it can be a good idea for these to be branded too so that wherever your customer goes, so does your logo and business name. New products such as LED illuminated bottle stoppers are a cool and interesting alternative to a traditional topper and a great item that customers may want to purchase and use at home.

How Do I Get Started?

In order to begin, you will need to select what supplier company you wish to use to create your promotional bar accessory items. They can help you decide on a logo and design and take all the hassle out of creating your promotional material for you.
The great thing too is that once you have a good working relationship with a supplier company, you will be able to carry out repeat business with ease. Suppliers too appreciate the significance of customer loyalty - this time, yours! - and will often do discounts if you are ordering in bulk or placing multiple orders over a certain period of time.

Along with choosing a supplier, even in a smaller company, it is a good idea to employ a merchandiser too.

Should my Business Risk the Investment?

Whilst creating branded materials for your bar business does carry an element of start up cost, this layout is no different than many other expenditures associated with running a bar business. Although it may mean spending more money upfront, ultimately the returns from using promotional material, both financially and from a customer retention point of view, far outweigh the initial price of investing.

When are the Best Times to Use Promotional Bar Accessories?

Whilst your business can choose to use branded bar merchandise all the time, there can be occasions where is it worth creating even more bespoke items. For example, as a bar company you may wish to tailor your promotional material to a specific client or private hire. These extra finishing touches can leave a long lasting impression on your customer and increase positive word of mouth. It make also be useful to change your promotional branded accessories with big seasonal events such as Christmas and New Year, traditionally two of the bar industries busiest times.

How Can I get Started?

A trusted supplier is the best place to start when looking to source your promotional bar accessories. With most suppliers online these days, it is now even easier and more convenient than ever to explore your options before committing. An online supplier should be able to provide a variety of options for your branded bar products, enabling you to choose colour, material and design. They will also establish a price point, so you can work this to your budget. Many suppliers will actually encourage multiple orders and arrange discounts accordingly. Suppliers will also be able to provide lead times, so you can plan your event needs around this, and most come equip with online support portals for any additional questions or queries you may have.

There are many benefits for a business in using promotional bar accessories. Greater customer connections, which in turn builds a relationship which leads to greater customer retention and positive word of mouth reviews, shows clearly the trajectory something as simple as branded merchandise can have.