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Promotional Chocolates 

A branded box of chocolates with your company logo on it could make for the perfect table centrepiece at a promotional event or business meeting. They could also be handed out as free giveaways, left in a bowl at the front desk or in an up-class hotel to be savoured with some coffee.

It’s fair to say that even a little piece of chocolate can make a very positive impact. Add your business logo and branding on top of that, and you can easily enhance brand awareness and improve the way your business is perceived. Plus, wouldn’t you agree when we say one of the most direct paths to a customer’s heart is through great chocolate?

Why Choose Promotional Chocolates ?

Chocolate is a guilty pleasure for most of us, there’s no denying it. This dark dessert not only brings people together and elevates the mood but also works great to promote brands. At We Brand 4 You, we offer a wide assortment of confectionery that are just waiting to be branded in your brand colours and logo.

It’s time to give your marketing drive and bottom line a ‘sweet’ boost by giving out promotional chocolates as a gift to customers or even offer them as a token of appreciation to those who came to see your trade show or corporate event.      

Branded Chocolates for Promoting Your Brand

At We brand 4 You, we’ve been delighting our customers with beautiful and memorable promotional chocolates for years.

Our marketing design team has dedicated experience in handling custom chocolate orders for every imaginable business event and occasion.

No matter what your end goal

something small yet thoughtful to send to new prospects, a large custom chocolate message box to reward your biggest customers, or something fun and rewarding to relay appreciation toward your employees – we are committed to making your dessert-driven promotional event a sweet success!

All of our delectable promotional chocolates can be customised to match your brand and message, along with a faithful recreation of your company logo.

From promotional milk chocolate bars, baronette bars and chocolates in the form of Easter eggs to custom chocolate medallions and branded chocolate in foil, we will do much more than add a few finishing touches to delight and please customers as they taste the magic of your brand.

Fuel your next promotional event with our promotional chocolates

from budget giveaways to custom printed promotional chocolates in living brand colour to create the most impact. Even a single Belgium chocolate bar personalised with your business logo, message and brand colours printed in fine detail can go a long way to win the hearts, minds and taste buds of your customers.

How Promotional Chocolates Can Take Your Branding to the Next Level

branded chocolate is  a proven way of promoting your brand. Our diverse promotional chocolate collection can be customised in a number of smart and innovative ways to complement your new product launch events and trade shows.

Why not impress prospects and existing customers by marketing your brand through our personalised chocolate bars and wrappers?

From time to time, it’s important for brands to show appreciation to not only customers but also their esteemed employees. Gifts for loyal customers, employee recognition, and other corporate business gifts to thank someone for contributing to the business is the perfect time to showcase the brand through delectable chocolates wrapped up in the company’s signature brand colours.

We’re here to support you through all those events and occasions where a little rewarding and free giveaways are in order. For instance, exclusive corporate dinner parties or black tie events are an opportune time to show off good taste with personalised promotional chocolates that tastefully feature your company logo.

However, that’s not to say that you can’t promote your brand during all those corporate anniversaries, award ceremonies and team building drills – spice up, or shall we say, sweeten your corporate activities with beautiful printed chocolates to make each and every event memorable.  

But that’s not all

seeing how we’re full of ideas, we can also design custom printed chocolates with your company logo that might act as a business card – just imagine the look of glee and appreciation on your customers’ faces.

Choose from a diverse variety of promotional chocolate bars to promote your next corporate event or simply show appreciation where it’s due. If you have any questions or concerns, do get in touch with us on 01257 260372