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Why Choose Promotional Event Giveaways  ?

Did you know that 85 per cent of people do business with a company after receiving a promotional product? Promotional giveaways are a tried and tested method of brand awareness and one of the most powerful tools in your marketing arsenal to build relationships with your audience and deliver value.

Businesses have used promotional merchandise as part of the marketing mix. It’s proven itself to be a powerful strategy, again and again, across many markets and cultures. There’s something fundamental in the human psyche that loves to receive free stuff. Every time you give something away to your customers, you build trust and create an unconscious obligation.


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Providing Value With Printed Giveaways

From mugs to keyring  pens and USB sticks, many of us have received branded goods at some point. How many of us have branded mug in the kitchen cupboard or are carrying around an old promotional pen?

In fact, if you think about it, the amount of promotional giveaways that you have received over the years is probably quite significant and you may well have held on to those items for a long time, finding them useful on more than one occasion.

The truth is, promotional merchandise is useful. From the pen that we keep in our jacket pocket, in the glove compartment, down the side of the car door pocket or in our handbags, to branded sports bottles and tote bags, these promotional products often come in handy. The trick is to find the items that are going to prove useful and provide the most value to your customers.

Choosing the Right Branded Merchandise

For shops and those selling products, the go-to promotional products have to be items such as the carrier or tote bag. Serve your products in a bag printed with your company logo. The better quality the bag, the more likely people are to reuse it.

Ever since the government introduced a tax on carrier bags, people are far more likely to keep hold of bags and reuse them. Branded merchandise for your merchandise! Simple yet highly effective.

The Benefits of Giveaways with your logo

You may be wondering how much you should invest in promotional giveaways or what the return on investment will be. We have already discussed how 85% of people do business with a company after receiving promotional products but let's take a look at how this could benefit your business:

Promotional Items are Marketing with a Long Shelf Life

Whether you are using branded products as corporate gifts or simply giving out pens to your customers, promotional items are a constant advertisement for your business. Place an ad in a magazine and it has a shelf life. Most promotional products have no shelf life though.

Pens last a long time, as do carrier bags. Water bottles are constantly reused and office merchandise is around for a long time. We have already mentioned the mug loitering in the kitchen or office cupboards! Branded items have a long shelf life!

Promotional Products Make Customers Feel Special

Customer loyalty is key. Are they going to come back to the business that gave them something for nothing or the business that just took their money? Just consider that for a minute. The argument for promotional products is right there.

Choosing the right kind of branded giveaways that suit the needs of your customers is something that will also raise your profile. Giving away promotional merchandise is one thing but when those items are useful, it then offers even more value. Corporate gifts are often used to show appreciation and reward loyalty.


Companies that use promotional items to promote their brand always seem to have that edge when it comes to professionalism. It's like a symbol of trust. Something as simple as a product with a company logo on can give extra kudos to ac company. It's like a sign that your business is here to stay.

If you pull out a branded pen for a customer to sign something with, it's a gesture of help, when you give them that pen as a gift it goes even further. Just simple things that don't cost a lot but that go along way in the eyes of the customer.

Rewarding Loyalty

As well as using promotional products at events to remind people of your brand, you can also use them to reward loyalty. Some online customers that don't have a face to face rapport with their clients, send gifts with orders. Small branded packets of sweets or bags for the item that they have bought is something simple yet so effective.

You may run a corporate business and want to send out birthday or Christmas presents to your most loyal clients. Perhaps you have a client that loves golf. How about sending them their own personalised golf balls, or golf accessories that are branded with their logo and yours. This type of branded merchandise can be used to reward relationships and cement future ones.

Celebrating Success

It doesn't have to be just promotional events or customer loyalty that you reward. What about staff loyalty? perhaps you have an employee of the month award or have had a particularly good year and want to reward your staff.

You can use promotional products to offer rewards to staff. Little incentives go a long way and it doesn't have to be a big cash bonus to make everyone feel valued. Small and thoughtful gifts will go a long way to improving team motivation and increasing productivity.

Launching New Products or Services

It's been a tough year for many businesses that now may be opening their doors and diversifying. For those considering new avenues and launching new products, why not use a giveaway to launch the product? You could consider giving away a gift to the first so many people to order the product.

Welcoming customers back to your premises could involve some sort of giveaway too. Branded face masks are one idea while other some may prefer some sort of eco-friendly product to show a commitment to the environment. the list of ideas and opportunities to incorporate your logo and promote your brand, really are limitless.

Inspiration for Promotional Merchandise

Whether you are planning your latest marketing campaign or looking for the right corporate giveaways, we have lots of ideas to help you. Let's take a look at some of the promotional items we offer and the scenarios in which you might use them:

  • Promotional pens - banner pens, recyclable pens, pencils, budget pens metal pens... the list goes on. These items range in cost and suit a variety of situations enabling you to print your logo and contact details on them
  • Bags - carrier bags, tote bags, drawstring bags, backpacks, document bags and conference bags are among the many different types of bags you can use as promotional items
  • Lifestyle - umbrellas, car air fresheners, hand sanitisers, tape measures, golf balls... we have a whole range of lifestyle items that provide every day value
  • Clothing - Sweatshirts, polo shirts, t-shirts, baseball caps - whether it's uniform, promotional giveaway items or clothing for business events or trade shows, use it to increase brand awareness. Even with so many virtual events and online exhibitions happening now, you can still get your logo printed on what you're wearing for the Zoom or Teams meeting!
  • Confectionery - sweets, chocolate, biscuits, Easter eggs and Advent Calendars... is there no end to the huge range of promotional items that we offer?


We could go on and different products will suit different scenarios. The merchandise that you choose to raise brand awareness or include in your next marketing campaign will largely depend on the business you are in, what you are hoping to achieve and the type of budgets you are working with.

Cost Effective Marketing

You don't have to spend a lot to make a huge impact and provide positive associations with your brand. Promotional Products  will draw attention to your brand and offer all sorts of opportunities for promotion as well as somewhere to provide contact details to make it easy for the customer to get in touch.

Browse our website to see just how many products are available and the extensive range of printed and branded merchandise that you can invest in. Shake up your marketing and get creative and see just what you can achieve.

Outstanding customer service

We are happy to help if you have any questions or ideas that you wish to discuss or you want to find out more information about potential giveaways that you could offer your clients. Most of our Promotional products have a quick turn around and you could get your promotional event giveaways ready for your next event, for the re-opening of your doors or to launch a new product or service.