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Promotional Pet Products

Our pet products include items such as pet poop bag holders, folding dog bowl, dog clickers to printed dog leads or branded pet bowls, we have many pet products for all your needs.

Printed with your Logo, Brand or Message at Great prices

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Why Choose Promotional Pet Products

One great way to increase exposure for your brand and enhance your reputation is to invest in promotional pet products. The best promotional products are those that are used on a regular basis and make customers' and potential customers' lives easier, and promotional pet merchandise certainly fit the bill. Promotional pet products can come in all kinds of forms and can include dog frisbees, combs, water bottles, leads, bowls and much more. Your company does not even need to be part of the pet care industry for you to benefit from promotional pet products.

Heighten brand awareness with pet merchandise

The products that you provide to create extra exposure for your business can be used by cat and dog owners, animal charities, pet shops, boarding kennels, vets and many more. As long as you are targeting pet owners or people who work with pets, you can heighten brand awareness considerably by investing in promotional pet-related merchandise.

Promotional product marketing has always been a highly effective way to boost brand awareness and keep your company in people’s minds when they require the products and services that you offer.

One of the main benefits of promotional product marketing is that it enables small-to-medium businesses to compete with bigger players even when their budgets are much tighter. You don’t need to spend a great deal of money on promotional branded products in order to gain the exposure you need. Promotional pet products can add real value and convenience to people’s lives and bring your customers close to you.

Products such as poo bags, dog bowls and leads are used on a daily basis, which means you can keep yourselves in your customers’ minds constantly simply by making a small investment in promotional items.

Various studies show that people are incredibly likely to make use the promotional gifts that they receive. To optimise the chances of your products actually being used, work with a trusted manufacturer and designer who can provide you with durable, reliable items that can be used repeatedly.

You can customise promotional pet products with your logo, slogan, contact details and more. Promotional pet products are often handed out by vets, at pet shops and by many other businesses working in the pet care industry.

Your promotional pet products can deliver a remarkable return on investment

Generating much more revenue than the initial outlay. You can even enhance employee engagement levels by handing out promotional merchandise to your staff. If you have been struggling to generate the revenue your business to requires to prosper, or if you are experiencing success but wish to take things to the next level, investing in promotional pet products may well be the key to reaching your targets.

Many companies and organisations are missing out on the exposure they require because they fail to embrace the world of promotional merchandise.

Online and offline ad campaigns can be very costly and may fail to deliver the results that you are seeking, but you may well be able to achieve much more by spending much less and launching a promotional merchandise campaign.

Other promotional products for pets

The possibilities are endless when it comes to promotional pet products you could add your branding to pet bowls, to  dog leads  or even a pet poop bag  holders and much more. Accessories for pets have become much more popular over the years, with more and more people reducing the stress and fuss attached to caring for a pet by investing in efficient, dependable and versatile items for their furry friends. Items such as water dispensers allow people to keep their dogs hydrated and happy whilst out on epic country walks, whilst light-up collars enable you to identify your pet and keep them visible even after darkness has fallen.

Whether you have a sizeable marketing budget or have limited funds to spend, there are a wealth of options available to you when it comes to branded pet merchandise. Bring your customers closer to your brand with 

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