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Branded Stress Items 

When it comes to choosing the right promotional items for your trade show, conference, or public event, you want to make sure you choose those which can help your brand stand out, but also offer something useful to your audience.

Why Use Branded Stress Items ? 

Universal appeal

Promotional stress items are an excellent choice simply because many of us use them on a regular basis and having your logo printed and contact details printed on them creates consistent brand engagement every time the recipient looks for a little stress relief.

Mindful yet marketable

Besides the clear benefits of handing out promotional items that have such broad appeal (and plenty of room for branding), stress balls create a brand image that’s friendly and conscious of the stress that your audience goes through on a daily basis. Offer a little relief and get a better brand reputation in return.

Quick and easy

Compared to more complicated items or a bespoke stress toy, our stock-shaped items take no time at all to print and deliver, meaning it’s easy to get ready for the next big event.

Don’t stress over the price

Promotional stress items are already amongst some of the most cost-effective promotional items around. Because we have stock shapes ready to print on, that also means no custom design costs.

Simple, round stress balls are cheap, effective, and easy to transport, but they aren’t the only option we offer. Choose the items best suited to your industry and market to make your promotional goodies really stand out.