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Why you need Stress Toys 

Working hard within any type of business can be very stressful at times. This is why using promotional stress balls and toys are a great idea!

Not only are stress balls very useful for helping to relieve built up tension at work, but the right printed stress balls and toys will also immediately show up your brand and create a positive impression of your company.

Why choose promotional stress toys

Each one of our stress balls and toys is designed to be visually appealing, effective, and ideal for displaying your brand logo to the fullest. Sports fans will love our choice of squishy designs featuring baseballs, basketballs, footballs and more.

Animal lovers will be thrilled with our cute animal stress ball range, which includes a cow, cute panda and a 'flying pig' wearing a pair of cool sunglasses!

There is something to suit every industry here from the motor trade, to doctors, dentists and estate agents.

Why should we choose promotional stress balls?

Considered as among the best-selling promotional products for decades, stress balls and toys provide an ideal marketing tool for businesses to promote their brand.

People spending time at work or at home can often become stressed because of an impending deadline, a frustrating work meeting, or when they are simply having a bad day.

Stress balls present the perfect opportunity for people to calm down and work out their tensions while their minds can be switched away from their frustrations to thinking more clearly and finding a solution for their issues.

These types of stress-relief toys are handy to keep around and can be easily carried in a pocket or handbag. A worker could keep one on their desk or in their desk drawer for easy access when they need them.

Seen as a tool to use to help relieve stress and increase relaxation, having your company brand or message printed across the stress toy will mean that the user will associate your brand name as helpful and trustworthy.

Why users love their stress balls

Because you can have an unlimited choice of styles and designs, people will be attracted to a stress ball design that they can associate with, such as car sales staff choosing a squishy car design, or a dentist appreciating a tooth-shaped stress toy.

Squeezing stress balls and toys also allow a person suffering from health issues such as arthritis, repetitive strain injury or carpal tunnel syndrome to relieve discomforts caused by their conditions. Their usefulness and usability for business promotion further enhance their functionality.

While just about everyone would love the chance to take a well-earned getaway to somewhere exotic for a holiday when we get stressed out, we simply cannot afford to do this as often as we would like.

Using a stress ball can give instant relief at times of stress because of every day tensions such as office deadlines, irritating work colleagues or those annoying household chores at home.

What's so great about promotional stress balls for my business?

Because you will have your company logo or business message prominently emblazoned across the product, people will always be reminded of your company each time they reach for their stress ball or toy. This gives you the opportunity of giving your company the publicity that it deserves.

Unlike most other corporate promotional products, printed stress balls and toys are not too costly and you can quickly and easily purchase these in large quantities from us without it costing you a fortune.

No matter what message you would like to get across to your target audience, there will always be a style, shape or design of stress ball or toy that will appeal to them. You can personalise these with whatever you like, whether that is your company logo or brand, or your company tag line, there will be a perfect product to fit your needs.

Stress balls make an excellent exhibition giveaway

If you regularly promote your company products or services at business exhibitions, then a brightly coloured range of branded stress balls or toys make an attractive display on your stall or table. They can add visual appeal that attracts people to your stall and can help to brighten up the drabbest and formal looking exhibition displays.

Stress balls will bring people to your stand and once there you then have the opportunity to engage them with information about your company products or services. Handing out a stress ball as a thank you for their time and attention will leave a positive lasting impression on their minds, and will also serve as a great reminder of your brand.

Just imagine that you decided to promote your business at an exhibition only to find that there were similar companies to your own there doing the same. You know you have to do something to give you an edge over your competition and make the exhibition attendees remember your company over and above all the others.

Choosing to give away promotional stress balls and toys with a related style or design to your business sector or industry will give you that extra bit of zest to your exhibition marketing campaign.

Remember that at the end of the day a large percentage of your prospective customers will be either health conscious or under some form of work or home-related stress. This is what makes stress balls and toys one of the most popular promotional products on the market today!

A fun way to relieve stress

Why not give your clients or customers a really fun way to help them relieve everyday stresses and strains with a promotional stress ball. We offer a range of very eye-catching and bright designs that can really help you stand out from the crowd and allow your company brand or message to be carried everywhere.

An ideal choice to help promote your brand at exhibitions, corporate network meeting, charity events and fundraisers. Everyone loves to squish a stress ball!

You can browse through our huge range of stress balls and toys to find your ideal match, or feel free to contact us for help from our friendly team members for more information about our range.

We are here to help!

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