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Promotional Yo Yos 

Over the years and decades, yo-yos have never gone out of style, irrespective of age group.

Chances are you’ve had fun with this crafty little toy at some point in your childhood, but did you know that they are used by top businesses as a clever marketing tool?

Yo-yos are simple, yet fun and creative toys that not only spark the inner-child in us but also allow businesses to show how astute they are at promoting their brand.

In addition to cleverly spreading your brand message, yo-yo's can help bring out the playful side of your clients and partners – not only providing them with a great way to “wind down” but also relieve pent up stress in a creative and funky way.

At We Brand 4 You, we know how to add zest and flair to your promotional efforts through our range of promotional yo-yos for branding, which will help make you stand out among customers and prospects of all ages.   


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Why Use Promotional Yo-Yo's ? 

Promotional yo-yos are a smart way to grab the attention of your clients at exhibitions and other company events. There’s no other creative toy that can bring out the inner kid in everyone the way brand advertisement yo-yos do – and let’s be honest, there is an inner kid in nearly all of us that needs to break out every now and then.

Our printed yo-yos come in a variety of styles and colours 

A fact that may not be very well known is that yo-yos are among the oldest toys on Earth. The first traces of this toy go back to the Pharaoh era and they are even inscribed on ancient monumental walls in Greece. As the years went by, its demand gained steam, particularly because marketers find it to be an affordable and fun way of giving away promotional products to customers and prospects of all ages.    

Don’t hesitate to add a little fun factor to your next marketing and promotion drive – our range of yo-yo's make for an ideal corporate event giveaway – whether it’s bungee yo-yos in a variety of colours, flashing LED yo-yos or plastic light-up yo-yos.  

Promotional Yo-Yos to Promote Your Brand

Inspire trust and confidence in your clients in an interesting way with our innovative promotional yo-yo's – make your next conference, trade show or corporate event extra special with this fun giveaway while cleverly marketing your brand message.