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Promotional Easter Products

It’s almost scary how fast Easter is approaching! This is one of the big holidays - not quite as highly thought of as Christmas, but it’s pretty much sitting pretty in second place. We know that as soon as the festive season is over, all the companies in the UK start selling their promotional Easter products to get everyone excited about this holiday.

Here at We Brand 4 You, we can help your business get branded for the Easter holidays. There are so many different routes you can go down, it’s pretty much down to what your business thinks is the best fit. So, to give you all the inspiration you need, here are some great ideas for promotional Easter products in 2020:

Why Choose Easter Giveaways

You can’t go anywhere in the UK without seeing Easter eggs from the 2nd of January all the way through to April. They’re an icon of this holiday, and everyone goes mad for a taste of delicious chocolate. Here’s a fun fact for you; the egg we so strongly associate with Easter is actually a symbol of new life. So, you can see how it links in with the story of Jesus being resurrected over the Easter weekend.

Anyway, back to the products, eggs are fantastic for all kinds of different scenarios where you want to give your business a subtle increase in exposure. They’re commonly used for charity events - like Easter egg hunts, school fayre raffles, and so on. People love getting as many eggs as they can, and we can brand yours, so you’re proudly displaying your business logo for all to see. It’s a smart marketing idea, and we can customise the size of the eggs, the style of the packaging, and much more.

Easter simply isn’t Easter without loads of bunnies and rabbits. This is definitely the most iconic animal that's associated with this holiday, and it all dates back hundreds of years ago to America. Apparently, there was a tale of a bunny laying eggs in nests left out by children - but only if their nests were good. It might be a strange story, but it’s paved the way for the Easter Bunny to become symbolic of this time.

We have a range of fascinating promotional Easter products that are themed around this cute animal. From lovely little soft rabbit toys to quirky ‘bunny bugs,’ there’s something for everyone on our site. We’ve even got a delicious Carrot Bag that's filled with orange flavoured Beanies and tied together with a green bow. These ideas are all excellent for giving out to charities or offering as raffle prizes in schools, community centres, etc. As with everything on our site, they can be branded to your desires as well.

What are the benefits of promotional Easter products?

All promotional products serve a similar purpose; to help get your brand out there and increase the visibility of your business. When big holidays like Easter come around, the world goes crazy shopping for themed things and immersing themselves in the season. So, it’s the perfect way to get your business out in the open by providing some promotional Easter products that clients can either use themselves or give to their kids. Either way, it’s a tried and tested advertising technique that’s proven to work!

So, we’ve provided you with a few ideas and examples of great promotional Easter products - all you have to do is decide which ones are best for you.

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