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Promotional Victronix Pen Knives 

For more than a century, the Victorinox brand has been known for its ingenuity, durability, reliability, and quality. Now, it is possible for you to pair your logo with it. Our selection of promotional Victorinox pen knives will let you understand the value of this brand. Victorinox Swiss Knives If you want a classic Swiss knife, Victorinox is the way to go. Promotional Victorinox Swiss Knives are so versatile that it might be the only tool you need. These multi-tools and pocket knives are often referred to as all-purpose tools. Whether you need to open a bottle of wine or an envelope, you will find all that in the compact package.

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How to Pick the Right Knife

Picking the perfect pen knife is challenging. They have been around for centuries, and they have branched and evolved into lots of different styles, leaving you with thousands of models to choose from. Having a lot of choices is a good thing, but they can be overwhelming.

There are serrated blades, non-serrated blades, carbon-steel blades, stainless-steel blades, drop-point blades, tanto blade, and clip-point blades, not to mention Victorinox pen knives with enough attachments and tools to escape from an enclosed room. Here are is a critical consideration that will enable you to pick a knife that suits your requirements.

Decide on the number of blades Single blades come in many sizes and shapes, but they stand out because of their size and simplicity. They focus solely on designing one large blade. Conversely, multi-blades pen knives have two to four blades. This number of blades gives you more options for having a few extra blade types.

Then there are the promotional Victorinox pen knives with more than just blades. Magnifying glasses, corkscrews, scissors, nail files, can openers, tweezers, toothpicks, and saws are all standard features of the Victorinox pen knives. Handy Victorinox pen knives make awesome practical promotional gifts that delight even the hard-to-please individuals. These promotional pens are usually ready for your custom-made printed logo. Hunters, anglers, homeowners, hobbyists, hikers, and campers will thank you a lot for this gift.

The Victorinox pen knives are jack-of-trades and are best suited for people who find themselves needing a whole range of tools that are at arm’s reach.

The best promotional Victorinox pen knives to purchase: Victorinox @ Work 16GB It is a Swiss army knife with 58 millimeters long. It has eight features, including a ballpoint pen, screwdriver, nail file, scissors, blade, 16GB USB flash drive, tweezers, and keyring.

Victorinox Classic SD Swiss Army Knife It is a 58 millimeters pocket tool with seven features, including a keyring, scissors, screwdriver, nail file, blade, and a toothpick. It has polished collider handles, and it is made from high-alloy stainless steel. Victorinox Climber It is a Swiss army knife, which is 91 millimeters long with 14 features including multi-purpose hook, scissors, toothpick, tweezers, keyring, sewing eye, large screwdriver, bottle opener, small screwdriver, can opener, corkscrew, small blade, and large blade.

Other notable promotional pen knives include:

• Victorinox Cyber Tool M

• Victorinox Escort

• Victorinox Explorer

• Victorinox Golf Tool

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