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Branded office Gifts can make fun prizes to give away at events or in your office. You could hold a competition or just have a giveaway when you pick someone's name at random. It could be a good way to get people to engage with you when you have a booth at trade shows, conferences or other events. Sturdy items that last a long time can be best for this, but many people appreciate single-use supplies such as sticky notes that will come in useful for months. Giveaways in the office are fun to do during the holidays or just when you want to raise everyone's spirits.

Get Your Message Into Other's Offices

By gifting office supplies, you can spread your brand name and your message all over another business's office. Send them a few notebooks or some books of sticky notes or memo pads, and they will spread around their office. If the supplies are there, someone is likely to use them, especially if it means they have to buy less. With your branded products being used, people will think of your brand more and you can make sure they won't forget you. Choose items that give your brand lots of "impressions" to carry your message further.

Promotional products aren't just for displaying your logo and name, or even your business address and phone number. They're also a good way to combine physical marketing with digital marketing. Use your office supplies to print your website address, email and even social media handles. This is often the best way to help people find you these days. They can glance at the Promotional Items that you have given them and immediately go to your website or one of your social media pages to find out more. Bookmarks are ideal for adding text like websites URLs or email addresses.

A great thing to do with promotional items is to go beyond giving just the item itself. Office and desk items often go perfectly with valuable advice that people will appreciate. For example, you could send your accounting clients a calculator along with tips on how to manage their finances. If you sell productivity software, you could give them a memo board and some advice and statistics about keeping the office organised. Not only will your clients receive a useful item but they also get tips for how to put it to good use and some other things that they can do that will benefit their business.

Not only can you put your brand in business offices with your promotional supplies, but you can also make it into their homes. Many people take office supplies home from work, even if they're not really meant to. But if they have access to items like yours, they can do it without any guilt or risk of getting in trouble. You can get your branded promotional items into their home offices, kitchens and home workshops. Now not only will they use your items, but they could even be seen by visitors and family in their home. Even more people will get their eyes on your brand and find out what you do.

Associate Your Brand with Professionalism

Use promotional desk and office items to get people to associate your brand with positive things. If they connect your brand with keeping their desk tidy or staying organised, this can lead them to think of you as organised and reliable. They might not realise that they're thinking exactly that, but subconsciously they may begin to associate your business with the practical and positive ways that they use your promotional products. Make sure that everyone is thinking about your brand in the right way.

Connect With Direct Mail

Direct mail can be an annoyance, whether you receive it at home or in the office. But if you offer something useful, it can become something that's a lot more welcome by people everywhere. If you want to send direct mail to market your company, consider sending a useful desk or office item along with it. If you choose something small, it won't cost you a lot to deliver and you can still carefully target potential new customers. Some possibilities include bookmarks, memo pads and rulers. Simply choose more affordable items if you want to target more people and stick to a budget.

Fill Organisers with Branded Products

Have you got a slightly larger budget? If you're considering offering branded desktop organisers, why not deliver them prefilled with some other branded items? Give a gift of a pen holder that's already full of pens or fill a desk organiser with note paper, sticky notes and other useful items that will benefit the person who receives them. These would make great gifts if you're looking for something more substantial or maybe you want to put together some prizes for a giveaway or competition.