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Investing in promotional sweets and confectionery is a great move when you’re seeking out affordable ways to market your business. Most people love free gifts, and if you do decide to supply them you can create associations with fun, generosity and great customer service. Chances are your customers will start to think about your business every time they reach for a mint. Branded sweets and confectionery is fun and distinctive and will help you make a great impression.



At We Brand 4 You we offer a  wide range of options when it comes to branded sweets and confectionery, We can provide you a host of mint-related products, sweets such as the lovely gourmet jelly beans, or even promotional chocolates. We are passionate about providing you with the best service we possibly can and always go the extra mile to meet and even beat your expectations. You are more than welcome to contact us at any point if you do have any queries about any of our promotional resources, so why wait any longer to get in touch? To speak to us about our branded mints today, simply give us a call on 01257 260372 or contact us. 

Why Choose Branded Sweets and Confectionery

Who can resist a tasty sweet treat? If you're looking for a fun way to offer something a little extra to customers, clients, employees and anyone else, promotional confectionery is an exciting choice. You can select from a wide range of promotional products, from chocolate and mints to biscuits, sweeties and popcorn.

Whatever you think would work well for your brand can be a sweet addition to your products, services and events. And when you get your items from We Brand 4 You, you can put your branding on the products that you choose to make them the perfect marketing tool.


Show Your Business's Fun Side

Perhaps you think that pens and USB drives are a little too middle of the road for your fun-loving brand. If you're looking for promotional items that are less corporate, you're going to want to look at something with a bit more flavour. Promotional confectionery items are just the thing if you want to show your business's fun side. Give people something tasty that will delight them and surprise them. Promotional confectionery isn't necessarily something that people expect to receive, so it can be a fun thing to get in a range of situations. You can use them to say anything, from welcome to thank you.


No One Can Resist a Tasty Treat

Everyone loves something sweet and tasty. While they might be able to take or leave some promotional items, they're much more likely to eat the edible things that they receive. If they don't eat them on their own, they will give to or share them with others. If you choose the right promotional confectionery for your business, someone is going to eat them. As they enjoy their treats, they will have your brand in their mind, and other people will likely see it too. Of course, you might have to be careful if you're letting people help themselves!


Make Events More Exciting

If you have an event coming up, you can make it more fun with the addition of promotional confectionery. There are so many ways you can use confectionery, especially with a wide choice of products to browse. You could put out bowls of treats for people to take when the want them. You might include packs of biscuits or sweets in welcome packs for your events, or leave them in hotel rooms for your guests. Lots of promotional confectionery items travel perfectly well too, so people can take them home at the end of your event.


An Affordable Way to Promote Your Brand

One of the best things about promotional confectionery is that it offers an affordable way to promote your brand and build your brand image. You can get lots of units of your confectionery of choice for not much outlay, and you can put your brand on it to add value too. Whether you go for chewing gum, lollipops or even energy drinks, you could boost your brand image without spending too much. For example, colourful jelly beans could cost you only a few pence per pack but delight people as much as a more expensive gift.


Leave a Lasting Impression

People aren't likely to forget you in a hurry if you offer promotional confectionery as a gift or special extra with your products or services. They might receive lots of stationery and other items from other brands, but they probably won't get hundreds of packets of sweets and biscuits. If you dare to do something a little different, you'll reap the rewards when people remember your brand. Once you've done it once, you can continue to offer the same treats until people remember you specifically for it and even begin to look forward to their next gift.


Offer Something Generous and Thoughtful

 When you give people a lovely confectionery gift, they'll see your business as being generous and thoughtful. It's something that you don't have to do but it can put a smile on their face. Of course, this benefits you as your customers, employees and others will appreciate what you've given them. They will be touched by the gift you offer them, no matter how small it is. If it's bigger and slightly more valuable, they will appreciate you even more. So consider offering just a little more to them by gifting a tin of mints instead of a small bag of sweets.


Give Employees a Holiday Treat

Special holidays during the year are a great time to show your appreciation for your employees. Why not give them a holiday treat by gifting some branded confectionery? Easter eggs are a spring staple, and your employees will love them both for themselves and for their children. Or you could give them some Christmas themed items, whether it's biscuits, chocolate or even a chocolate advent calendar. They will love a token of appreciation during the holidays and feel like their hard work is being recognised during what can be a busy time for many businesses.


Boost Your Product Packaging for Improved Customer Experience

Many businesses are thinking about how they can improve their customer experience. If you send out orders to your customers, one way to do it is by creating delightful packages. You could just put everything in a box or envelope and send it off. Or you could think of ways to present your products beautifully. You can have custom packaging and perhaps include a small confectionery treat as an extra. Not only do your customers receive their items packaged neatly, but they also get something that they weren't expecting.


Offer Free Favours in Hotels and More

Promotional confectionery also makes good freebies for a number of businesses. You might run a hotel and put a bowl of mints out at reception or have branded biscuits in your rooms. A car servicing business or dealership could do something similar and have sweets out at their desk for people to help themselves to while they're waiting. Restaurants might want to have mints or other confectionery to give to diners after their meal. These can all be small but important touches to your guest experience.


Gift Tiny, Tasty Reminders of Your Brand

Some confectionery is designed to be eaten right away or in one sitting. Others can last longer, which is great for your brand. For example, a tin of mints could sit on someone's desk for months if they only occasionally help themselves to one. Each time they reach for a mint, they will be reminded of your brand. There are several great options for this if you want confectionery that lasts. Chocolate, sweets and more can all be eaten over days, weeks or even months and continue to remind people of your business.


Give a Double Gift with Beautifully Packaged Items

The packaging for your promotional confectionery can double up as a gift too. Choose something with packaging that people can keep, such as a tin of biscuits, and it's like they will get two gifts for the price of one. Items in beautiful packaging often offer more value too, providing something that might be appreciated more than a small something that will quickly be eaten. A nice tin, jar or tub can be used again, offering a reminder of your brand for longer. The contents might be consumed quickly, but the container could be used for years to come.

Promotional confectionery is a fantastic choice if you want to promote your brand. Use it at events, during the holidays or just in everyday business to please customers, employees, visitors and more.

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