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Branded Travel and Leisure Gifts

We Brand 4 You offers a variety of unique promotional travel and leisure merchandise that is perfect to help you grow your brand. From sports balls to beach items and even phone cases, our company can customise a wide range of products with your branding materials such as logos and messages. We go the extra mile to ensure that we can provide you with outstanding service so that your company has an easier time growing its brand. Promotional travel and leisure merchandise comes with many unique applications. From being a simple way to promote your brand at events and public appearances to partnering with local companies, there are countless different ways to utilise such a broad range of unique products that are all branded with your logo and company message.

Every business owner understands the importance of utilising cost-effective marketing solutions to grow a business. Sadly, finding ways to speak to your audience and offer them an interesting product can be quite difficult especially if everything has already been done before. That’s why using promotional travel and leisure merchandise can be a unique way to offer your clients fun, memorable and even useful gifts for their travels. Offering functional gifts is a brilliant way to leave a lasting impression and it’s a surprisingly affordable way to promote your brand.

We have listed a couple of reasons why you should use promotional travel and leisure merchandise as a cost-effective way to grow your brand and reach a wider audience.

Travel and leisure goods are used by everyone regardless if they’re travelling or not. For instance, phone accessories like car chargers and battery banks are incredibly useful for anyone that is a heavy smartphone user and cases are a simple and fundamental way to protect your devices. As such, your promotional travel and leisure merchandise will be used and seen virtually anywhere that you operate, giving you a huge exposure boost that will benefit the growth of your brand.

Considering that your promotional travel and leisure merchandise will be very useful to your audience, it’s also going to be handy for your employees to use as well. For instance, if you have company phones then they can be branded with the same phone cases and accessories that you’re giving to your audience. Similarly, if your employees need some travel accessories like a portable power bank or luggage tags, they can use the merchandise that you’ve ordered that has your branding on it. 

Promotional Travel and Leisure Merchandise

Since your promotional travel and leisure merchandise will help you brand stick out in the minds of consumers and be unique, your brand will have a much higher chance of sticking in the minds of your consumers.  

If gaining exposure is your goal then it’s possible to grow your brand overseas with the help of travel merchandise such as bag tags, luggage tags, passport covers and even sunglasses. Since these products will be seen in other countries and cities, it will make people notice your brand and they could be curious enough to search you up or even ask the person using it what the brand is about and what they offer.

Offering promotional travel accessories is a fantastic way to grow a brand overseas. It’s not going to be as effective as expensive campaigns, but if you’re attending an international event that will have thousands of overseas visitors then there's a good chance that your unique and interesting merchandise will be taken back to their countries to give you free exposure.

Partner With Local Services Like Hotels and Gift Stores 

You can also use promotional travel and leisure merchandise by partnering with local businesses. For example, you could supply a local hotel with umbrellas that are branded with your logo. They can then be handed out to guests as a friendly gesture by the hotel and their clients will use your merchandise, spreading your brand to larger audiences. Other useful merchandise that a hotel could use would be tissues, wet wipes, toothbrush sets and even luggage accessories. Another option would be to partner with gift stores to offer small things like selfie sticks, camera accessories and smartphone cases with your branding on it. This is a great option for tourist areas such as city centres or near transport stops like train stations and bus garages.

Partnerships with local companies can not only help you spread your promotional merchandise but could be an excellent way to network with other companies in your area. This could create excellent business opportunities in the future and you’ll learn more about the local companies around you.

As you can see, there are plenty of advantages to offering promotional travel and leisure merchandise. It’s all about offering your customers something unique and interesting so that your name stays in their mind. We stock a wide range of different merchandise options that can all be customised to show your brand logo, messages and even be printed the way you prefer and in your corporate pantone colours.