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About We Brand 4 You

 We Brand 4 You, we are a Lancashire based supplier of branded merchandise with over 20,000 different business gifts that can be printed and branded for you next exhibition, campaign or marketing activity.

The team at We Brand 4 You comes from a print background. Front line.. machines and ink! We’ve worked with colours, textures, styles, trends and we share with you our knowledge in understanding how your logo will appear on a product.

 We Brand 4 You are based in Chorley (the home of Chorley cakes and Chorley Fm) which is in travelling distance to Wigan, Warrington, Blackburn and many more towns in the North West but deliver daily throughout the uk

What is definitely not the same within our industry is the knowledge!

It’s not just about dropping it on and hoping if fits, there is actually an art to making sure your logo is in a format that works on the products. We make sure your logo colours on your artwork are printable.

We pride ourselves in understanding these intricacies and the importance of your brand and how you wish to portray yourself on our products. We take care to make sure that you will receive an item that shows you in the best light to your customers.

Our corporate customers come back time and time again because they trust that their brand will be treated with respect and will look the same every time.

If you’re about to invest in some promotional items to represent your organisation, why not make the right decision and speak to those with real hands-on knowledge and experience.

Busy people need quick and clever solutions

You’ve got your exhibition stand booked or corporate event announced, but now it’s time to really make it happen. This will be your platform to really stand out so you need to maximise your visibility. We don’t mean just on the day, but thinking about how you stay visible to your potential customers after they’ve left the event; how do you stay in their minds in the long term?

This is where clever use of promotional items comes into its own!

We are exposed every day to thousands of pieces of information about brands. If our brain consciously tried to absorb all this we’d have a one massive migraine! So our brains filter out information based on the amount of attention we give it, but it is still passively taking stuff in. When did you last remember a bizarre random fact or company name and realise ‘it was in the back of my mind?

In fact, most of our buying decisions are made subconsciously.

By having your brand continuously visible in your customer’s day to day environment, the subconscious can influence their decision making.