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Custom Branded Candles

Over the past couple of decades,  custom printed candles have evolved from being mere sources of light into decorative tools with a myriad uses and benefits. The good thing with gifting an usual corporate gift to a client, friend, or relative is that a printed candle is that not only are they impressive, but they are also elegant and universally accepted. Whether you want to use them  as part of a marketing campaign or for intimate family dinner or your cosy bubble bath, branded candles are ideal for use in the most diverse environments to suit your needs. This guide highlights everything that you should know about the promotional candle.

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Methods of Candle Printing

Today, consumers know what they want in a candle, from shape to branding, fragrance, size, and colour. Most people are after candles that can be customised to match their wedding themes and corporate colours,  As a result, candles have become more decorative. But what are the methods used to set a personalised imprint on a candle?

• Corporate Branding

Corporate branded candles are a great way of showing your customers that you care about their well being and appreciate their preference of doing business with you. Candles have long been used in celebrations, festivities, and thanksgiving events. There is, therefore, no better way to show gratitude after the close of a good deal or business than a small delightful gift to a loyal customer.
For most consumers today, especially those that are very sensitive to their environment and focused on a healthy lifestyle. A promotional candle is the ideal promotional gift. Candles help in cleansing an atmosphere, provide an aesthetic appeal and promoting wellbeing. Indoors, the gentle aroma of scented candles soothes the mind, and for the outdoors, they serve the dual purpose of keeping pesky bugs away in hot weather. Where business is concerned, this is all you need to achieve a financial milestone.

What Types of Promotional Candle are available ?

1. Scented Candles
Scented candles are also widely used. Scent has an alluring attraction to human beings. Incense has been used for centuries, and apart from directly burning the incense, candles were widely used in that respect.

2. Coloured candles
Coloured candles are probably the most commonly used candles, their most enduring use being on birthday cakes and various religious ceremonies.

Our Promotional Candles

Our candles come in a variety of colours, from warm blues to refreshing pinks, and colours that are delightful to the eyes and radiate peace and tranquillity. The Scents are equally appealing, and customers can choose from a range of different fragrances such as Amber Noir, Black sea, Caribbean Teak, White Tea, among others. Our candles burn steadily and cleanly. They do not produce smoke or soot, and they burn longer than ordinary candles. They are manufactured with a high level of care to give our customers an unbeatable product. Our scented candles can be used in many settings, including hotels, homes, entertainment spots and other places to provide a pleasant ambience.

Stand Out from the Crowd with our Promotional Gift Candles

You want to rejuvenate your company and what better way to do so than to appeal to the good taste of your customers. Entice them with the allure of scent. Our aromatic printed candles will do the trick and leave a lasting impression and have them coming back to your business. Our souvenir candles also come in a wide range of shapes, fragrances, candle receptacles, packaging designs, and other accessories. You are spoilt for choice. Have your company name or logo prominently displayed to keep your customers aware of your presence in the market.

You will stand out among all your competitors because your customers derive a happy feeling by identifying with you, through the promotional candles gift that you give them. Custom printed candles with your business logo can be a delightful giveaway to loyal customers or new customers to your establishment, and this attracts them to your services. As candles have been a symbol of light over the ages, so do they light up people’s hearts when given to them and therefore establish a psychological bond between the giver and the receiver. They, therefore, serve as an effective promotional products in business.

Whatever the Occasion

Our wide array of candles gives you the freedom to choose what best fits your promotional activities. You may want to decorate your home for a special occasion, birthday party, social event, religious ceremony or even a more sombre event like a wake. Our candles will stand out and give your function a touch of class and elegance, making it a memorable experience. Our customised promotional products provide you with distinction and identity that will make you the envy of your peers.

Speedy Service and Delivery

From the moment you make your pick, our dedicated sales team will guide you through a smooth stress-free process to delivery. Our service is flawless and efficient, honed from a history of speedy service to our customers over the years. Our friendly staff keeps an open line of communication so that the customer feels free to air any concerns they may have about any product they might have purchased or product they intend to purchase. For any query or concern, we are only a phone call away.