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Why Buy Promotional Merchandise
& Company Branded Items

Impress new customers, reward your top performers, or
incentivise sales, company branded merchandise and apparel
deliver exceptional results.

Promotional Products & Branded Gifts

With more than 20,000 branded items and promotional gifts for you and your colleagues to choose from, we've got something that will represent absolutely any business or charity. From bottle openers to umbrellas, we're your one stop shop for  branded merchandise.

Promotional Products
Promotional merchandise, Drinkware
Promotional Sweets and Chocolate
Desk and Office Promotional items
Desk and Office
Travel and Leisure Promotional Merchandise
Travel and Leisure
Promotional Gadgets and Tech Items
Gadgets and Tech
Bags and Cases
UK Based Products

Many of our customers are situated throughout the North West in places like Preston, Manchester, Warrington, Lancaster and Bolton, but we're increasingly supplying corporate branded items to businesses throughout England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland

About Our Services

If your're about to invest in some branded gifts to represent your company, why not make the right decision to speak to those with real hands-on knowledge and experience ?

From Air Fresheners to Zipped folders - and everything in between - we are your one stop shop for promotional merchandise ! so why not give us a call to discuss your promotional gift requirements today...

Huge Range of Branded Gifts


With more than 20,000 promotional products for you and your colleagues to choose from, we've got something that will represent any business or charity.

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Promotional Merchandise is Effective Marketing


Order from us if you'd like gifts that you can give to existing customers, because nothing raises a smile and encourages business quite like a free promotional gift.

Promotional Products for Every Budget


Doesn't buying promotional gifts always come down to pricing? You'll be happy to discover that we stock cheap promotional items alongside Luxury branded gifts.

Can't find what you are looking for?

We realise hunting through over 20,000 promotional items can be hard work. Why not get in touch and see how we can help you to come up with ideas for your next promotional campaign.

Why Choose We Brand 4 You?

Experienced customer service without the hard sell

At We Brand 4 You we believe in great customer service. That means no irritating sales calls and absolutely no hard sell. We’ll simply provide you with the best possible advice, excellent products and competitive prices.

And if you need help with getting your promotional campaign right, then our highly experienced team has a background in both promotional marketing and the printing industry and that means we know what works.

Personalised Service on Promotional Gifts

Personalised Service

We understand that deciding what the best products to buy can a little tricky. As a family business we are always on hand to give you the best advice, guidance and support
Free Logo Redrawing on Ordering Promotional Products

Free Logo Redrawing

In order to print most items we require your logo or artwork designs in a vector format (PDF/EPS). Don't worry if you don't have the correct format as we can often convert your JPG files to be print ready.
Quick Quotes on Branded Merchandise

Quick Quotes

Need a quote in a hurry? Use our quick quoting to get prices fast, usually within the hour. Certain products like USBs will be POA (Price on Application) due to currency fluctuations, meaning we will need to quote for these. The good news most of our products can be bought online.
No Hidden Costs - We Brand 4 You

No Hidden Costs

All pricing is visible and clear. We have no hidden costs and we have a price guarantee for like for like products.

If you have found a similar product somewhere else please get in touch!

Why Buy Promotional Merchandise & Company Branded Items ?



Hello and welcome to, we are a Lancashire based supplier of promotional merchandise with over 20,000 different promotional products that can be printed and branded for you next exhibition, campaign or marketing activity.

 We are based in Chorley (the home of Chorley cakes and Chorley Fm) which is in travelling distance to Wigan, Warrington, Blackburn and many more towns in the North West.

 If you are looking for promotional items ? you have no doubt looked at quite a few websites and we are glad that you've found ours. There's plenty of choice out there with a gazillion different pens, mugs and gadgets etc and yes.... we all have pretty much the same kind promotional products.

About Us

What is definitely not the same within our industry is the knowledge!

The team at We Brand 4 You comes from a print background. Front line.. machines and ink! We’ve worked with colours, textures, styles, trends and we share with you our knowledge in understanding how your logo will appear on a product.

It’s not just about dropping it on and hoping if fits, there is actually an art to making sure your logo is in a format that works on the products. We make sure your logo colours are printable.

We pride ourselves in understanding these intricacies and the importance of your brand and how you wish to portray yourself on our products. We take care to make sure that you will receive an item that shows you in the best light to your customers.

Our corporate customers come back time and time again because they trust that their brand will be treated with respect and will look the same every time.

If you’re about to invest in some promotional items to represent your organisation, why not make the right decision and speak to those with real hands-on knowledge and experience.

Busy people need quick and clever solutions

You’ve got your exhibition stand booked or corporate event announced, but now it’s time to really make it happen. This will be your platform to really stand out so you need to maximise your visibility. We don’t mean just on the day, but thinking about how you stay visible to your potential customers after they’ve left the event; how do you stay in their minds in the long term?

This is where clever use of promotional items comes into its own!

We are exposed every day to thousands of pieces of information about brands. If our brain consciously tried to absorb all this we’d have a one massive migraine! So our brains filter out information based on the amount of attention we give it, but it is still passively taking stuff in. When did you last remember a bizarre random fact or company name and realise ‘it was in the back of my mind?’

In fact, most of our buying decisions are made subconsciously.

By having your brand continuously visible in your customer’s day to day environment, the subconscious can influence their decision making.

Did you know:

·        87% of recipients kept a promotional item for longer than a year.

·        The Return on Investment on promotional products delivers a better return on investment than radio and outdoor advertising, and is equal to TV and print.

·        79% of recipients would likely do business with the company.

*statistics from survey by British Promotional Merchandise Association (2014)

So when it comes to your big day, keep your brand message strong and think cleverly about what the ‘take away’ will be for your visitors. Keep it relevant, keep it simple and keep it clever. 

How to use Promotional Products to Grow your Business

How to use promotional products to market your business

Promotional products can benefit your business in a variety of ways. They can increase brand loyalty and awareness, enhance customer engagement levels and help you drive your business forward. Promotional products come in all kinds of forms and can include everything from pens and other forms of stationery to power packs, t-shirts and many more. Read on to find out how to make promotional products work for you and get the results that you desire.

The effectiveness of promotional products

Not everyone who uses promotional products to create exposure and engagement for their business does it right. Nonetheless, it’s said that businesses in the US spend almost $20 billion each year on promotional items. If promotional products did not work, they simply wouldn’t be used by so many businesses of so many sizes, from such a wide range of industries. What’s more is that everyone loves receiving goods for free, and by providing your customers and clients with gifts, you can boost your reputation and make your brand appear generous and caring.

Boost engagement and awareness

Promotional goods that you can opt for include products that can be used when people are out and about such as umbrellas, notebooks, and phone cases, wearable goods such as t-shirts and caps, stationery items and modern digital devices like power packs, flash drives and many more. Promotional items allow you to thank your customers for doing business with you, encourage them to do business with you in the future and to show your appreciation to your staff. Many companies decide to include their contact details on promotional items so people can easily get in touch with them without having to look up their phone number or e-mail address.

Careful planning required

Before you embark on a promotional product marketing strategy, it’s wise to think about what you can afford, which products are suitable for your business and what you want to achieve from your actions. Some companies use promotional goods to increase traffic to their website or get more enquiries, whilst others use them to drive sales and build loyalty. If you do need help with planning the right strategy to make your budget go further, you can work with a promotional products specialist to help you get the right results and avoid wasting money.

Choose the right goods

It’s vital to opt for products that will appeal to your target audience, so opt for goods that they will use that will add value to their lives. The more your customers use your products, the greater your brand’s presence in their lives will be. Your brand will be constantly visible to them and you will be rarely out of their thoughts. You also need to think carefully about how you will get your products out to your customers. Will you send them through the post or will you hand them out in person, perhaps in your shop, at trade shows or exhibitions? How much can you afford to spend on distributing your products? Again, a promotional products expert can help you make the right decision for your needs and budget. Research carried out by the British Promotional Merchandise Association found that 79% of people consider doing business with a company that has provided them with promotional items.

Distinctive, high-quality products

Don’t opt for the cheapest promotional products that you can find, as this can do more harm than good and result in your company being seen in a negative light. With so many companies and organisations sending out promotional products, it’s important to stand out from the crowd if you do wish to win the attention of customers and clients. Don’t order bigger quantities than you actually need, but make sure you are purchasing enough to meet your needs and drive exposure. It can be wise to start off by purchasing promotional goods for your in-house staff to see which ones they like and get the most use out of. This will help you make more informed decisions when you purchase items for customers and other businesses.

Impress new and existing customers

Don’t focus all your efforts on attracting new customers, as it’s incredibly important to keep existing ones onside rather than taking them for granted. If your competitors start sending them exciting and distinctive goods whilst you are not, you may risk losing them to your rivals.


 You can build rapport with a potential client by dropping off promotional products at their premises whilst convincing them to do business with you, or can even hand out goods when meeting up with an existing customer. It’s not uncommon for companies to run competitions on social media where their followers can get the chance to win useful and valuable promotional goods. These competitions can also get people talking about your brand, your products and services to their friends, increasing exposure and helping you win over new customers.

Review your efforts

Once your strategy has been implemented, it’s important to take steps to measure its success. Have you seen an upturn in sales or enquiries? Have you received positive feedback? If so, you can regard your campaign as a success. It shouldn’t take too long for you to decide whether your efforts have paid off or if you need to do something differently.

If you’re not already using promotional items to maximise exposure and drive revenue, the time to act is now.

How to choose the best promotional item for your business

Promotional products are an essential part of your marketing strategy and they work if approached in the right way. Not all promotional items work well though so how can you ensure that the next promotional item you distribute is a good fit for your business and recipients?

First and foremost, you need to have a goal. What do you want to achieve by distributing your items and what exactly do you want to promote? Without a clear plan of how these products fit into your overall marketing strategy, you run the risk of wasting a lot of valuable resources.

Determine who your recipients will be. Decide who will receive your products and when they will receive them.

Avoid choosing a product that you like. It needs to serve a purpose for the recipient and your business. Target your products at a carefully selected audience. This will bring the best results.

Choose a product that your audience will use for the longest possible amount of time. One use items won’t have as much of an effect as something that will last many months or even years. If you want your message to remain with the customer for several years, choose something with the maximum amount of longevity. The ultimate goal should be to encourage the recipient to keep your item and use it regularly.

As well as carefully considering the quality of the product, check the wording on the items to make sure there isn’t any spelling mistakes or errors in the print.

Choosing the right promotional items can be a challenge but with a little research and a good understanding of your audience, you will make the right choice. Carefully targeted promotional products that are valuable to the recipient can result in higher sales, more recognition for your brand and increased loyalty.

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