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10 Benefits of Branded Bags for Your Business

Despite all the attention paid to online marketing for businesses, entrepreneurs and their marketing teams have yet to exploit effective offline marketing methods like personalized bags. Potential customers benefit from promo branded bags because they are exposed to the marketing message as they consume the product.

It doesn't matter whether you're using recycled materials, reusable shopping bags, or standard personalised paper bags, branded bags help to expand brand awareness and keep customers satisfied. When it comes to printed bags, it's important to remember that quality is essential if you want to maximize your promotional efforts

This marketing strategy offers many benefits to companies, so it is worth exploring. Printed with the company's name, the bags could include backpacks, shopping totes, custom bags, drawstring bags, and even duffel bags that are given to potential customers.

British Promotional Merchandise Association (BPMA) survey results reveal that 52% of respondents are more likely to recommend a company's services if they receive a branded item, while 51% are more likely to use them in the future if they receive a branded item. 

Listed below are some of the biggest benefits of branded or printed bags

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They Are Useful

A logo-printed bag made from reusable materials and big enough for the user will be helpful. Those who seek convenience will surely appreciate such reusable shopping bags. In addition to the items that were initially placed in them, users can also use them in other ways.

Bags like these are perfect for carrying baby accessories, beachwear, or additional accessories with you to work. By doing so, your company's logo is more likely to be seen by potential customers.

Market analysts report that 1 out of 5 people might be curious about your brand after seeing your logo for the first time.

Enhanced brand recognition

Imagine how many people will see your brand name if someone is using your branded bags in their daily routine. In addition to the printed logo, people will also be curious about this company that comes up with bags that can make people's lives easier.

Inquiring about the brand will most likely occur if the person carrying the bag is close to them.

Free Advertisement Platforms

A custom shopping tote bag or branding bags can contain some advertisements on the front. The printed logo, for example, advertises the brand. In addition, some bags come with pictures or messages announcing the products offered by the company.

This will definitely affect sales in the long run.

Sales growth

Making sales is the ultimate goal of any business. The purpose of custom printed bags is to win customers. Customers will become loyal to the company if it consistently gives them printed promotional bags.

Even some companies promise to replace a bag for free if it becomes worn out. If you do this, you will keep customers because they will return again and again to shop in your store. Furthermore, new customers will come through the door once they hear about this incredible offer.

Guaranteed ROI

Businesses are concerned about their return on investment. Entrepreneurs want to know if they will receive a return on their investment. This bag plays a big role in boosting sales, as previously mentioned.

Whenever customers receive free personalised bags, a couple of things happen.

First, they appreciate that you care about your customers, so they will likely return.

Second, if your bag is versatile, your brand and products will be seen for free since people are likely to use it.

The bag will likely pay for its cost through increased sales within a short period of time. In today's economy, offline marketing has guaranteed returns.


The company does not have to spend a lot of money on its marketing strategies. For example, many shopping outlets use affordable custom bags with logos that do not cost a lot of money. Since clients will use them more often if they are reusable, the value for money will increase.

This offline strategy is more cost-effective than the other advertising strategies out there.

The bottom line is that retail businesses and service businesses, even relatively new ones, can use printed bags even if they hand them out selectively.


We all know that the world's environment is in a state of flux, from good to bad. In response to the numerous campaigns to make the world a better place for everyone, people have started to notice. The trend now is to use reusable eco-friendly bags instead of disposable plastic ones.

Since people love these eco friendly bags, hence using them as marketing material for your brand will work. Ensure that they meet all of your country's environmental standards so that they are more likely to be used.

Variety of Options

Various designs and colours are available for custom bags with company logos. Entrepreneurs are free to choose one or a few of these designs to use. In addition, many retail outlets sell tote bags in full colour. Plastic bags are affordable and come in a huge range of colours. Branded paper bags, on the other hand, are unique and cost a little more to produce. But they also offer a range of benefits plastic bags cannot match.

A business targeting the corporate market, such as a bank or insurance company, could provide a backpack or file bag to its customers. Depending on what works best for them, one company offers their customers a variety of low-cost but high-quality logo printed bags, including swag drawstring bags, tote bags, and file cases. British Promotional Merchandise Association

Companies that give away a variety of promotional bags make a bigger impact on the market. You can use promotional bags printed with your logo in a variety of ways.

You can sell them

In addition to low-budget bags that are given away for free, promotional bags aren't limited to that. Bags like duffel bags, travel bags, laptop bags, and delivery bags are expensive to produce, so they can add their logos and sell them at a low price while still making a little profit.

The advantage of selling these bags is that customers will find them useful, increasing your brand's chances of promotion.

Buy Stylish and Personalised Branding Bags at We Brand 4 You

How many promotional bags have you seen lately? They seem to be everywhere – from bus stops and shopping centres to airports and airlines, it seems as though everyone wants to get their name out there and has resorted to giving away custom bags, stress balls and other personalised gifts in order to do so.

branded events bags are very popular right now and can make all the difference to your marketing campaign if you choose the right company to deal with.

And what’s even better is that not only are promotional bags, but they’re practical too!

Shopping Promotional Bags

The right kind of shopping bag makes all the difference to a shopper's experience. Consider promotional bags to advertise your brand with each purchase. Travel bags let travelers keep their personal items safely stowed; they can also double as a day pack.

And who doesn't love a great business bag? From briefcases to backpacks, you can make sure you're prepared for any eventuality by customising your bags with your logo or slogan. Let customers take home some of your brand identity when they use these items every day!

Tote Bags

Incorporating a business logo into tote bags can be done in many different ways. You could have your logo screen printed on bag handles, or you could print a small business card with your address details on it, so it falls out when someone opens up your bag.

Stresa large travel tote bag in

There are plenty of fun designs that can be added to make these promotional bags stand out, too. A colour printed bag is a great way to ensure people remember where they got their bag from.

Printed Carrier Bags

Bag carriers are a cost-effective way to keep your custom bags in good condition, whilst promoting your brand. Carrier bags are popular with shoppers who want something to carry their shopping home in.

260 x 130 x 350 Twisted Paper Carrier Bags - Printed 2 Sides

They’re also ideal for promotional use, as they make an attractive accessory which you can personalise with your brand logo or business details.

Jute Bags

Jute is a long, straw-like material that grows naturally from reeds, which are often in marshy areas. Jute bags are typically made from jute twine, rope or fabric woven together to create a solid piece of material for sewing.

Natural Walton Shopper

They are incredibly durable and take stain well, so they can be very colourful. Jute is often used to make shopping or paper bags as it is easy to dye any colour you wish. It also takes ink very well when screen printing your logo onto it.

Eco Bags

We all use shopping bags, but it can be embarrassing if they’re not branded or if they don’t match your corporate style. We Brand 4 You is a company dedicated to creating gorgeous, personalised bags that match any brand identity; there are loads of colours, patterns and designs to choose from.

Portobello Fairtrade & Organic Bag

By personalising these bags you can create an amazing first impression for your brand. What about looking professional in meetings? With our custom business bags it’s easy to stand out in a crowd.

Travel Printed Bags

When you’re on a business trip, your bags are an extension of your brand. After all, that’s one place where your brand is visible to people who might not even know anything about your company.

In addition to ensuring that you have all of your necessary items, it’s also important to use customised bags as a chance to impress clients and make a lasting impression. A good bag has three characteristics: practicality, functionality, and style.

Shoulder bags

A bag that sits on your shoulder is great for when you want to keep your hands free. Handbags may be stylish, but they’re not ideal if you want to go shopping or walk around town without your hands full.

Boomerang Document Bag Orange

A good shoulder bag will fit all of your essentials comfortably, but not weigh you down or look bulky.

Cooler Bags

Invest in cooler and lunch bags to keep your food fresh, especially when heading out for a day trip. Many coolers are made of canvas, a sturdy material that holds up well under repeated use. If you tend to do more traveling, choose one with a shoulder strap so it’s easy to carry around as you run from place to place.

Drawstring Bags

One of our most popular ranges is our range of drawstring bags. These are a very versatile product that can be used as shopping bags, promotional giveaways or even branded with your business name to promote your brand in a memorable way.

Drawstring Bag Dual in

We have these available in different shapes and sizes, making them perfect for a wide range of uses. We can also customise them with logos, embroidery or full colour printing so they match your brand image perfectly!


Whether you’re looking for a backpack to use while biking or one that will fit all your work supplies, there’s a backpack designed just for you.

Adventure backpack in

Look for backpacks with padded straps and ergonomic designs so they don’t dig into your shoulders when you carry them around. And if you tend to carry heavy loads, choose a bag with thick shoulder straps as well as a hip belt—it will help distribute weight more evenly on your body.

Shoe Bags

Shoes are perhaps one of your most personal possessions, so it’s fitting that when you travel with them, they should be kept separate from your other items.

Legacy Shoe Bag

A shoe bag is a great way to keep those shoes in their own space. That way, when you arrive at your destination, whether by foot, train, car, plane or boat, you can just grab that single bag and take care of business.

Sports Bags

When you start a new business or need to give your current venture a boost, promotional sports bags are an excellent way to do so.

Sporttraveller Sports Bag Grey

Not only can they be customised to fit your brand and aesthetic, but they’re also perfect for promoting sporty hobbies like cycling, running, or swimming.

Business Bags

Think of a business bag as an extension of your brand. These bags represent your company in both formal and informal settings, so it’s important to make sure they look professional.

Look for promotional bag with simple logo rather than over-the-top design that is easy to replicate by your competitors. Also, look for personalised bags made from sturdy materials like leather or canvas rather than cheap plastic versions that can easily break or melt under high temperatures.

Document Bags

This is a great example of a personalised bag that can be used for various purposes. These are perfect for shopping bags, gift bags, business events or other marketing applications.

Meeting Document Bag Blue

All it takes is an idea and some time to work out how you want to make your unique branding statement, customisation can include text or graphics on a range of stock colours, you can also add your own company logo if required.

Conference Bags

Most people would rather carry their belongings in a branded bag, than a plain old carrier bag. And as a business, using branded bags as an advertising opportunity can be very beneficial.

Conference bag with zipper in

For example, how many times have you received one of those ‘Give blood, get a free sandwich’ offers? This can be seen as something to replicate for your brand with promotional or personalised bags.

Travel Cases

If you’re going on a trip, or just want to transport your belongings in style, look no further than custom printed travel cases. A great way to get creative is with packing cubes—sturdy, zippered bags that are used to separate different items within a larger bag.

Trolley Bag Nevis in

For example, if you’re travelling with dirty laundry, place your clothes in one cube and dirty underwear in another. Your suitcase will be easy to keep organized when using these practical (and stylish) organizers.


Are you looking for some promotional gift ideas to help your business grow? If so, we recommend that you think about our stylish printed briefcases.

Charles Dickens briefcase in

We have a variety of beautiful briefcases, including laptop bags, document cases, and even beach bags. All of our printed bags are personalised with your own branding or corporate logo; making them a fantastic way to advertise your business while also giving an amazing product away at trade shows or other marketing events.

Laptop Bags

Every professional needs a laptop bag, they come in all shapes and sizes, including backpacks and cases with wheels. A great way to promote your company is by getting some branded bags made with your logo on them, these will be sure to catch people’s eyes.

Laptop Bag in

The great thing about having your logo on bags is that they can be used for many different purposes so you don’t need to spend lots of money every time you want something new.

Buy Branded Merchandise

When you’re looking to create your own branded merchandise to sell, you’ll want to buy items like promotional bags. These are available in a wide range of styles and designs, making them ideal for many different uses. Whether you want something smart for business use or something more casual for personal use, you can find exactly what you need online.

Why Order From Us?

You are looking for promotional merchandise, but you’re not sure what to go for. You need something that your clients can use on a daily basis but is also personal enough to remember who gave it to them. How about a business bag? These bags aren’t just beautiful, they can be imprinted with your company name or logo in bold letters across one side so that it catches their eye when they’re going about their day-to-day life.

At We Brand 4 You we have a wide range of styles, sizes and colors available to choose from. Browse our website today!

Final thoughts

Promoting your business with printed bags does not end here. If you use this offline strategy, you will experience many more benefits. The marketing team should be aware of what your competitors are doing just in case you can add something else to spice up this strategy.

Are you looking for a custom bag? We have a customer service team ready to help you select the best promotional bags for your campaign - call or email us now, and we'll get started on your bag order immediately! 

Shop promotional bags at We Brand 4 You and request a quote today.