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Why you need Promotional Logo Bugs

Logo Bugs the traditional logo bug is just a little ball of fluff, with a pair of googly eyes. But, we don’t like to stop at traditional. That’s why we provide such an extensive range of logo bugs, ready to be adorned with your logo or your business details. With a school logo and motivational message, promotional logo bugs also make popular rewards for students.

Why Choose Promotional Logo Bugs ?

Promotional Logo bugs are cute little critters with no practical purpose. So, what makes them such fantastic promotional items? The fact that they’re simply fun! These novelty gifts have been attached to computer monitors, and stuck on desks, for decades.

Standard  Logo Bugs

Logo bugs are like little pom poms, complete with googly eyes and a ribbon for your business information. We stock them in a wide range of colours.

Many of our logo bugs are in the traditional design, with nothing fancy added on. These standard logo bugs come in an impressive array of colours!

Animal Logo Bugs -Huge Range of Characters 

Would you prefer a logo bug with four paws or a beak? We’ve got a whole zoo full of promotional animal logo bugs that you can use as business gifts. Look out for fun favourites like penguins, parrots, owls, hedgehogs and our adorable little caterpillar on a leaf.

The long ribbons on our logo bugs give us plenty of space to add your business name, along with a phone number or another important detail.

Workplace Logo Bugs

You’ll almost certainly be able to find the perfect logo bug for your business, whatever industry you’re in! Options include logo bugs with hard hats, ideal for building and construction companies, or our bus-driving bug for your transport business.

Also look out for our fuzzy police officers, nurses, firefighters, teachers and graduates.

Miscellaneous Logo Bugs

There are so many promotional logo bugs invading our stockrooms, that it’s impossible to mention them all! Glittery ones for your Christmas promotions, bugs with placards for your campaigns and ‘keep fit’ bugs for the gym are just a few of your many options.

 If you can’t immediately see the perfect logo bug for your next promotional project, we’ll be very happy to talk you through your options.

Ready to choose?

A comb and scissors bug for your hair salon, or diploma bugs for all of your graduates? Our healthy eating logo bug with arms full of fruit and vegetables, or our bug with a toothbrush as the perfect gift from dentists to encourage their youngest visitors?

If you’re ready to order, then we’re here to add your logo to promotional logo bugs.

Why Choose We Brand 4 You 

We continually check our  products prices against all the leading suppliers of our logo bugs and promotional products to make sure that you always receive the best possible prices.

Unlike our competitors the prices displayed on our website are fully inclusive and have no hidden extras such as origination / setup or carriage for all our logo bugs

Promote your business today through our customised logo bugs.

If you have any questions, cant find what you are looking for or simply need advice then don’t hesitate to contact us on 01257 260372



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