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Charity Merchandise for Fundraising

For a charity, the entire purpose for using promotional products with charity logo is to spread awareness and raise funds in the most cost effective way. There is only a finite amount of money people have, so when they do donate, you want to make sure it is to your cause! Raising brand awareness with your target audience is not only important for supporting your charity directly. It opens more of the public to a cause they may have never thought about before.

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Promotional Merchandise for Charities

Charity merchandise is a great tool for getting your message and brand out to a wider audience. Charities that use promotional merchandise tend to be taken more seriously than those that don't. In fact, there are surveys which show that UK donors are far more likely to support a charitable cause if they have branded merchandise.

In 2018, there were 168,000 charities in the UK. That's tens of thousands of organisations, all fighting for space in the same arena. They are all trying to raise awareness, raise funds and increase the profile of their charity. In order for a charity to succeed and be taken seriously, its critical to do everything possible to get your brand out to as wide an audience as possible and raise money.

A faceless charity that doesn't use promotional items and branded goods, may struggle to gain as much trust from potential donors. This is where charity merchandise can help. There is something about the name and the brand being visible on promotional merchandise that invoke that feeling of trust. You don't need to spend a fortune on charity merchandise either. Branded merchandise can be small token items, things that add value without costing the earth with could also be sold online or at fundraising events. We take a look at some of these items below.

What Charity Merchandise is Available?

If you are looking for inspiration when it comes to promotional merchandise for your charity, then we can help. Take a look at the vast range of  cost effective ideas we have for you charity merchandise that you brand with your logo and message to raise brand awareness and get your message to more people:

Branded Trolley Coins

Useful for so many reasons, the trolley coin is a popular choice. In an increasingly cashless society where transactions are carried out with contactless payments, we often don't have a pound for the trolley in our purse or in our pockets. A trolley coin attached to our keys is a really useful tool when you find yourself at the supermarket without any money.

Being able to pop the trolley coin on your keyring and carry it with you for when the opportunity requires is really handy. Of course, because of the recent pandemic, there is more demand for anti-microbial trolley coins to increase hygiene.

Branded Pens

Are perfect  for spreading awareness  and are still very cost effective you can take them to fundraising events, give them away in goodie bags, send them in the post... many large charities use pens as a way to give something back to regular sponsors. You may well have received a welcome envelope from a charity you support containing a branded pen.

A pen is a high value, low cost item that is likely to be kept for some time. Popping your logo and website on a colourful pen is a great opportunity to raise awareness. It also gives you the chance to add your brand message too. Also very easy to update on your next order should anything change.

Promotional Wristbands

The wristband has increased significantly in popularity in recent years and is instantly recognisable for many charities who have very specific branding and colours. Use colours to represent your brand and give them to children and adults, boys and girls, men and women.

Promotional wrist brands can be printed with your company name and website offering a constant reminder of your cause to people. As they are made of silicone, they are often not taken off, being able to cope with the demands of daily routines - the shower, bath, exercise, washing hands etc.

Charity Collection Boxes

If you collect money using donation boxes then charity collection boxes are ideal to generate awareness and collect money. It's not just donation boxes, but also donation buckets. Brand them up with stickers with your logo and charity details on and pop them on your counter, take them to events or distribute them to local businesses that are happy to collect donations for you.


We know that balloons may not be a product that is going to last a long time but they are a real crowd please, especially with the children. You can blow them up at events and give them out to children. While they may only last a day or two, their larger than life presence means you can get your brand out there and be sure to be noticed.

Distributing Charity Merchandise

There are two ways in which you can approach the distribution of your charity merchandise. Either give it out for free to people that make donations/attend events or you can charge for it. Some charities, cover their costs by charging a nominal fee for wristbands for example.

Raising Funds

Promotional items are a great way to make money for your charity. If you are a small charity that needs donations to survive and can't rely on sponsorship alone, give some thought to how you can use charity promotional merchandise to raise money.

Example - If you purchase wristbands for 30p each for example, you can sell them for 50p and make a small profit for the charity. Not only are you covering your costs, you are also making a small amount of money and you are promoting your brand. Of course, you can just ask for a donation rather than a specific price.

What you will find is that, when it's for charity, you will get greater donations than the price you would have charged. If you set up a box with a sign saying "donations", you will find that most people pop in a £1 or even £5. This way you aren't limiting the money you will make by effectively charging for your fundraising merchandise.

Raising Brand Awareness

Other charities (especially larger charities with more supporters) prefer to give their merchandise away with the primary aim of raising awareness. Everyone that walks around with one of your charity tote bags or wristbands on, is like a walking advertisement for your charity.

Wristbands create talking points. Often, people will ask you what the wristband means (given that they signify different things). Promotional pens are great for longevity as well and will be used rather than discarded.

The key to using charity merchandise successfully is to maximise it's potential. Why not use it to raise funds and awareness and make sure you are getting the greatest benefit from it.

Choosing the Right Promotional Products

Can't decide between trolley tokens and promotional branded pens? Why not choose both? Placing a minimum order of each gives you the opportunity to test which is the most popular with people. Then, when you have answered this question, simply pop through an order for the most popular.

Be sure to choose something that has a long shelf life. Lots of charity merchandise suppliers offer an extensive range of promotional items, some which are much more useful than others. Don't choose something disposable. Instead choose a product that is going to be kept. Pens, trolley coins, bags etc. are all products with a longer lifespan that will stick around and be used.

Consider how the product will be used. If it's a 'hideaway in the drawer' kind of item then you may prefer to choose something that is going to be on display. Choose something noticeable that is going to attract attention.

Deciding on Branding

If you have a specific colour, like many charitable organisations, it will be easy to choose the colour of your wristbands or pens. If you can't decide on a colour, why not choose two different colours? You can be creative with your branding and have some fun. Remember, you want something eye-catching that stands out and grabs people's attention.

It is often a good idea to consider the intended recipient. Bold bright colours may be great for kids for example but not so good in a corporate scenario. Be mindful of your audience when you are choosing you branded products. It may not be always easy to do this so find a happy medium.

Your Next Step

If you are keen to explore the idea of promotional products for your charity, your next step is to visit our extensive range of products. We regularly supply UK charities with a wide range of products from promotional pens to charity donation containers and buckets.

Choose your promotional products, then decide on your branding message, colours etc. Our cost effective solutions and excellent customer service mean that you are in safe hands. All you need to do is tell us what you want and let us do the rest. Let us help you take your charity to the next level.