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Branded Mechanical Pencils 

There’s no better way of attracting customers to your brand than showing them your fun side and sharing with them a branded mechanical pencil. promotional Mechanical pencils are a great way to expose your brand to the market by using various wacky and eye-catching shapes and styles. Further, these pencils come in several colours that can be easily customised or branded as per the clients' needs. As a result, this offers you a unique and cheap way to advertise your organisation minus having to spend tones of money on commercial ads or billboards.

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Advantages of mechanical pencils

Mechanical pencils don’t need sharpening Getting up to sharpen a pencil may often tend to be a tiresome chore, especially if you are a professional artist. However, with a mechanical pen, then all this is not needed since all it takes is a click to make the pencil operational. Further, mechanical pencils have a thin lead that is mixed with graphite, thus making the pen sharp. As a result, the user enjoys writing and drawing minus having to worry that the pen might grow flat or having to clean up a pesky sharpener.

Mechanical pencils give out consistent and super clean lines

For professionals like drawers and drafters, a pencil is only as good as the lines that it produces. Unlike other pens, mechanical pens are known to draw super clear lines since they have a diameter of around 0.5mm to 2mm. The thin diameter of the allows users to produce lines that are not only thick and consistent but are also readable on paper.

Mechanical pencils are environment-friendly.

Another beauty of mechanical pencils is the fact that they are environmentally friendly. Mechanical pencils are made of artificial components, unlike wood pencils that are made of forests and trees. also, such pencils can often be reused; to do this, then one has to purchase a refill pack and replace the worn-out lead minus a hustle. Lastly, mechanical pens are good in the pocket, that is they can last for a good amount of years minus having to break like regular pens.

Mechanical pencils are stylish and super cool. One outstanding feature of mechanical pens is its beautiful look that makes them cool. Also, mechanical pens have not only come in a range of colours but also have multiple designs that can be customised to suit an organisation specification. Furthermore, there is also a range of premium mechanical pens are equipped with a variety of upgrades. Such upgrades include advanced leads that are not available on regular pencils.