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Promotional Desk Accessories

Printed Desk accessories with your corporate logo are some of our most frequently ordered Promotional Products

Our huge range includes printed coasters, promotional mouse mats, desk pads to rulers and many more, all of which can be printed with your company logo. Almost everything you use in a desk job or in an office setting can be used to keep your branding at the forefront of your clients and prospects minds.

Desk and office promotional merchandise give you a huge range of products to choose for your business. Printed desk accessories are excellent for many different applications, from gifting clients on special occasions to supplying your own office.

By putting your company message on promotional products, you can take a fun approach to marketing that works for events and more. There are so many promotional desk products to choose from to fit any budget, so you can get items to send out to every single one of your customers or something to give to a few special clients or employees.


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Give promotional desk accessories and office items to your clients, customers and employees to show your appreciation of them and keep them coming back. You can also gather great leads using promotional items.

Make Desk Items More Fun

Everyone needs various desk accessories, stationery and office equipment. It's not necessarily the most thrilling stuff, but you can make it more fun. By choosing the right promotional merchandise for your marketing campaign you could make a lot of people happy. Whether you want to add a personal touch to supplies for your employees or you want to give clients or customers something unique, we have memo holders, mouse mats, pen pots and lots more. Customisation makes everything more interesting, whether you choose from a range of colours or put your logo on a product that you like.

Offer Promotional Items at Events

Events are always good places to make good use of promotional items. From conferences to trade shows, you can give out promotional office supplies to attendees. You might put them in welcome packs or goodie bags for your conference guests or you could give items away to people who visit your booth at a trade show. You can create branded office supplies to give out at networking events too. Choose a mixture of small branded desk items like bookmarks and rulers and one or two larger gifts such as a notebook. Think about items that might even be useful during the event. A notebook could be carried around for taking notes in workshops or writing down people's contact details.

Create a Respectable Image

Promotional desk and office items can help to create and enhance a respectable image for your company. Some companies might think that the slightly more fun and wacky promotional gifts don't work for them. Many of them might just feel like they don't make a lot of sense for your business. If you want to present your business as being professional, you might prefer to stick with office and desk items. It will help you to offer the serious impression that you want to make and gain respect from the people that you give gifts to.

Brand Your Office

Making your office reflect your brand is a great way to increase morale, build company culture and even increase productivity. As well as doing things such as putting your logo around your office and using your company colours, you can have custom office and desk items with your logo or other personalised images and words. Add to your office branding with your logo on paper weights, mouse mats, memo holders, sticky notes and more. You can make memos more professional when they're on sticky notes or in notebooks with your logo on them.

Increase Your Brand Value

Using promotional desk and office items could increase the value of your brand and product. You might include them in orders of your product or give them free to new clients as a perk. For example, if you sell business supplies, you could include an extra gift of branded erasers with every order. You might gift a new client with a letter opener if you're a direct mail company or send out branded bookmarks with all of your orders if you sell books or educational materials. These things add value to your brand and to your brand image.