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Engraved Glass Awards 

Few things in life can feel quite so gratifying as receiving an award. Being noted for the work that you have done and the success that you have achieved in he past is a hugely positive experience. However, if you wish to hand over an award to someone then you want to make sure that it means something. Handing over something basic and generic might seem like a good idea, but it often sends out the totally wrong impression to the person who is receiving the award. That’s one of the main reasons why it’s always recommended that you hand our personalised awards. Why? Because you can make someone feel far more respected for their success.

When you receive a generic, off-the-shelf award, it can feel like quite hollow. You want to know that the award recipient will fully understand why they were given their commendation. That is why we recommend that you look at trying to give out the following kinds of personalised rewards. When done in the right way, handing over one of the following awards can go a long way to making someone feel far more respected for the success achieved and the milestone reached.

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Glass Awards A fine place to start is normally with a vintage glass award. Glass awards often work well because they show a sense of regal professionalism. They tend to stand out well on a shelf and/or on a mantelpiece, too, creating a very impressive look that is quite easy to enjoy seeing. You will also find that many people like getting glass awards as they just look so slick.

As the light glimmers off the glass, it often makes the inscription within the award stand out even more. That is a big reason why so many people tend to look at getting personalised awards; they see them as the ideal choice for something that commends their own previous expertise. An award should always stand out and give the recipient a reason to look back on their previous success with happiness. Glass awards have a sense of style to them that is not too over the top, either; it’s common for a personalised award to stand out for the fact it has such a rich shine to it.

That’s one of the main reasons why we recommend that you consider having bespoke made glass awards to give out to successful individuals. Crystal Awards Though similar to glass in many ways, crystal awards are often best reserved for those who have gone far beyond the call of duty. They tend to be the best choice for major commendations, such as giving someone an Employee of the Year award. When branded with your own message and the company logo, this helps to make a crystal award feel even more impressive to the recipient.

It’s a big reason why we always recommend that you look at personalising and branding crystal awards to give out to those who have really achieved something beyond the norm. The crystal adds an extra layer of authenticity to the award, while the person who picks it up will often be able to feel a natural sense of pride at their own success. This kind of award often looks best when they are placed on the mantelpiece, giving the recipient all the help that they need to feel as if they have achieved something quite spectacular. If you want to make a positive impression, there are few better ways to do so than by picking up a crystal award.

It can be just what you need to really make that positive impression giving the person who receives the award all the confidence they need.

Star Awards Another popular choice to go for when you are picking out cool award designs to hand out would be that of a star award. Giving someone a star is a fine example of the company recognising their hard work and their achievement. It looks good for a company to hand them out, but it also works well when handed out to those who have achieved something extraordinary in education or any other walk of life. We typically associate the shape of the star with success, progress, and personal improvement. It’s a big reason why we recommend that you take a look at the various star awards out there; some of them will give you a fine example of how to make someone feel fantastic about their success. If you want to find a star award that is going to really make the right impression, be sure to brand it. A personal message commending the recipient for their hard work and their progress will always go a long way to giving them the motivation that they need to achieve that success again in the future.

Wooden Awards While often kept for smaller achievement, wooden awards make a fine choice for anyone who is looking to really make the right impression. It often shows a sense of emotion in the award that you cannot get from other styles. When branded and designed in the right away, wooden awards are often among the most effective ways to give yourself access to awards that can make the right impression. They are great for everything from giving out awards to businesses to making sure your staff know that you recognise the hard work that they do in their chosen field. Medals