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The Uk's Best Selection of Branded Mints

There is an extensive range when it comes to branded mints containers such as promotional mints tins, mint cards, pots and even boxes with mints inside. All of these are easy to keep a hold of if you were to store them in your office ready for when you need them

Corporate branded mints have helped companies from a wide range of industries to drive sales, enhance their brand awareness and remain at the forefront of their customers’ minds. At We Brand 4 You, we have been supplying our huge range of promotional merchandise including custom printed mints with your company logo for many years and have what it takes to help your target audience  stand up and take notice you will find that minty freshness gives your business a refreshing boost.

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Why should I Invest in Promotional Mints for My Event?

One of the main reasons that you should be investing in custom branded mints for your next marketing campaign is because of how affordable they are. Printed mints are amongst the most sought-after promotional products due to their low cost and because it allows people to invest in a large number of personalised mints without breaking the bank you could even use mint cards with a full colour print and use them as an alternative to business cards

Furthermore, Custom printed mints have a certain practicality about them. They are small in size and therefore fit easily into gift bags for people to take with them and are also easy to pack away after having them on a stand at an event or exhibition.

Promotional Mints don’t exactly have a tendency to be eaten at a specific time during the day. They are much like a snack that can be used at various points and are very similar to that of chewing gums.

This is another reason why they are a great product to have on your stand at an event or even to send out to prospective clients or customers. Especially as you know that your business’ logo will be on show at different points during the day when someone is opening their promotional mints.

Promotional Mint Tins

Mints in tins are a very popular range of promotional products in general due to the low cost and are always a great way to attract potential clients and customers to your stand at an event or exhibition. Especially as people are always happy to receive free giveaways in all forms.

It is more likely that someone is going to come to your stand and take away a leaflet or brochure with your business’ information on or even give you their details if you are offering some kind of free confectionery such as promotional mints. Having confectionary out at your stand during an event is a fantastic way to to make people feel more comfortable as if they were at a social gathering.

Are people still happy to receive Personalised Mints at events?

People are always happy to receive free giveaways with your branding in all forms, especially Branded Mints in a metal tin. The main reason why people enjoy mints are for the refreshing and cold minty taste but also promotional mints have been known to aid with digestion.

This explains why restaurants have a habit of handing out mint products such as individually wrapped mint Imperials out at the end of meals.

Therefore, having promotional mint pots or jelly beans at your stand at an event is a great way of attracting attention because people will always like to take away something that is of use to them. The majority of people will take the small promotional mints to put in their car as they are small and easy to carry.

Corporate Mints make a great giveaway for trade shows

There are all sorts of great reasons for using mints as a promotional items. Not only are mints small and compact enough to be carried around with ease, they are ideal for trade shows and business events.

You can also send them out to your recipients via the post. It’s easy to add your branding and logos to your mints and we have options which can be printed by screen printing or with a full colour print, and they also remain edible for well over a year, which means you can carry on sending them out to your recipients and taking them to big events well after you have purchased them.

Many of our customers choose to buy printed mints in large quantities so they can continue handing them out to existing and potential clients for a long period of time. Mints will not melt or become sticky when temperatures are high.

Custom mints have many Benefits for your brand

Branded Mint tins have a brilliant printing area on the top of the hinged tin making your brand name and logo stand out. Furthermore, the majority of people are more likely to purchase a packet of mints themselves rather than a hinged tin and are very likely to refill the promotional mints tin with sweets that you have provided for them, meaning that your brand logo will be on view whenever they reach for a mint or even offer a mint to someone else.

Getting in touch

To learn more about our custom range of promotional merchandise, simply call us on 01257 260372 or send a message to us. Alternatively, get in touch with us to request a quote today

Choose from a great range of mint products, branded confectionery and sweets to promote your next corporate event or simply show appreciation where it’s due. 

Need Help to find the right promotional merchandise then just call us and we will be happy to discuss your requirements.