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Promotional Rulers 

When you are marketing your company, you might be looking for something a little different to help you. Lots of companies use promotional merchandise for their business, but few think outside the box when it comes to this.

The traditional items such as pens and lanyards are both great choices, but to get your business noticed you might want to do something slightly different. That is why we offer promotional rulers for you to give out to your actual or potential clients

Why choose Printed Rulers ?

If you are looking for the right promotional product for your business, it’s crucial that you do think about an item that will see a lot of use. Rulers are a perfect example of this. People users rulers every day for a variety of tasks and, they are also small enough that you can carry them around with you to hand out at trade shows, exhibitions or even slip into gift packages for clients. Let’s look at some of the other reasons why this is the perfect choice for your company.

Display Your Message, Name Or Logo Clearly

With promotional products, you need to make sure that you get your message across. It’s important that people can see the name, the logo or the message printed on the product. This is the only way you’re going to get the recognition and brand attention you want.

Rulers are the perfect option because the flat surface ensures that your name is always going to be easy to read. We can print anything you like on a ruler so it stands out clearly and looks absolutely fantastic! You’ll be able to choose from a selection of different, fonts, designs and styles that perfectly match the message you want to send with your business. These rules can have a stylish and bold design that is guaranteed to capture the attention of any client.

Branded merchandise is a great way to show your brand to a massive audience.

It’s not just the people who buy it or receive it as a gift. It’s everyone they meet and interact with that notices your brand which can lead to a quick Google search or even a phone call if your contact details are clearly displayed.

You probably don’t want to spend a fortune on your promotional merchandise and with rulers you won’t have to. These products are cheap enough so that you can buy in bulk without breaking the bank. But don’t let the prices fool you. These products still match the high standards and quality levels that both you and your clients deserve.

The simplicity of these products also works to your advantage. If a product is too expensive, people are going to keep it both safe and hidden. Rulers are left on desks out for the world to see. This is what you need if you want a brilliant ROI with your promotional products.

Incredible Design Options

You might think that a ruler is going to look too plain to create the impression you want. We’re delighted to say that our rulers can be custom personalised with a variety of vibrant designs.

They can be fully decorated with images that represent the ideas that you want to be attached to your business. Alternatively, your logo and name can be large enough to fill the whole blank space to ensure that it is seen. This isn’t a boring or bland choice. Printed rules can be just what you need to get any potential client to stop and say: “Yes, I want to know more about that business!”