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Printed Wristbands 

Branding is something that should be done at every possible opportunity – make your next conference, trade show or corporate event memorable then a great way to do this giving out silicon wrist bands

The promotional uses of high quality custom printed wristbands are near-limitless – they are a great choice and very practical and affordable way to promote your event convey support for your good causes, or promote brand philosophy through an ad campaign.

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Custom Branded Wristbands

Promotional wrist bands are an easy way to give your advertising, brand or sponsor’s brand extra exposure. When your logo and brand message is worn by guests and clients, you’ll be the talk of town, not to mention the added marketing exposure.

If you want to put your sponsors in the spotlight then we can custom print your logo on our huge range on event wristbands can help generate more revenue for you by offering those sponsors a place to advertise and We Brand 4 you also offer fast delivery for you order.

Promotional Wristbands for Brand Promotion

If you’re a business that wants to enjoy better growth and higher revenues in the long run, then you should consider getting logo wristbands as they are an excellent promotional tool which can be integrated when hosting special corporate events.

Charity fundraisers, festivals, corporate get-togethers or other gigs are really great opportunities to show off what your brand is all about by giving away silicone wristbands with your corporate logo and messaging. 

However, custom printed wristbands are not just for your clients, business partners or prospects – they can be handed out to your employees and trade shows and exhibition, in support of your brand philosophy.

What better way to showcase your brand logo and message than a customised company wristband every time a client or prospect shakes hands with one of your employees?

At We brand 4 You, we not only supply silicone wristbands for adults and children, but also those with micro USB and Bluetooth capabilities. We also supply fabric wristbands, tyvek wristbands arm snap straps with light in a variety of colours, which are especially useful for companies who are in the business of motivating and inspiring others, or those looking to giveaway gifts at charity events.

Our entire range of rubber wristbands can take your brand awareness to the next level as they are printed with your logo and customised to reflect your overall brand messaging.

Don’t underestimate the appealing power a customised brand wristband can have on your clients. Vinyl wristbands are Inexpensive and extremely lightweight, they are an ideal option for promoting your businesses special events no matter how small or large your audience is.

Wristbands may be very simple looking gift items at first glance, but they can be transformed into highly appealing promotional tools. Just leave it up to our branding experts to faithfully recreate your brand logo and messaging on your custom promotional wristbands.

Since wristbands are immediately visible, they can instantly get attention from onlookers, further making your brand recognisable and easily identifiable. This way your business can be indirectly promoted amongst onlookers in addition to your immediate customers – ensuring that your message has been received by a much wider potential audience.  

Who Buys Custom Wristbands ? 

Any Business Holding Events

  • Festivals

  • Concerts, Gigs,

  • Charity fundraisers

  • Event wristbands 

  • Schools

  • Colleges & Universities 

Colleges and universities usually hold student fairs and  promote themselves by handing out personalised wristbands. You could even order them for your employees to support your brand at your next trade show or exhibition.