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Parker is a brand well-known for its quality pens. If you want to gift a pen to your clients or your employees, why not give them a thoughtful Parker pen, instead of a cheaper product? We Brand 4 You has a range of beautiful pens from Parker, which can be laser engraved  or printed with your branding.

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You can read our buyers guide Why Use Promotional Parker Pens below

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Parker Pens Branded With Your Logo

A Parker pen is a special gift that goes beyond any other promotional pen. Rather than hand them out to just anyone, they're more suited to giving to a select few people or to customers who choose a higher value brand.

Give High-quality Promotional Gifts

If you want to give gifts to clients or to employees, there are different times when different gifts might be appropriate.

Sometimes lots of cheap and cheerful gifts might work, but there are other times when you need to think of something a bit more valuable. However, this doesn't mean that you have to spend a lot of money. Your gift can be good quality and have higher perceived value, without being extremely expensive. Parker pens are just the thing for this kind of gift. Not only are they quality pens that look good and write smoothly, but they're also presented in smart boxes to present a really beautiful gift.

Add Value to Your Business

Giving gifts to your clients is an excellent way to add value to your business. There are lots of businesses that could use Parker pens as perfect gifts for clients and customers. You might be a solicitor or accountant, or perhaps offer another type of business service. Choosing gifts that make sense for what you sell or what service that you offer adds more value to your business and is a better marketing tactic than choosing just any product to give away. Use a product that is easy to associate with your business, and it will be more relevant and make people think of you.

Offer Functional Items

Parker pens are built to last, offering a quality pen that can be used again and again. In fact, they come with a two-year warranty to guarantee their longevity. Parker pens offer a smooth writing action, with a range of ballpoint styles available from We Brand 4 You. A Parker pen is one you can carry around everywhere or keep on or in your desk so that it's there whenever you need it. It's a pen you keep for yourself, not one you just pass around the office.

Brand Your Parker Pens

With laser engraving on our Parker pens range, you can add branding or personalisation to a Parker pen gift. You could put your own brand name on a pen, but you could also add a slogan or personalised message that makes sense for your business or for your customers.

Every time someone looks at one of your pens, they will be reminded of your business and the care that you take. 

A Range of Styles

We have a range of styles for anyone looking to buy Parker pens for their business. Our selection of pens includes a number of different Parker styles, from the Jotter Core to the Sonnet and Urban New styles.

Take a look at the options that we have available to find a style that you like and, most importantly, that you think the recipients will like. You might want to consider the shape and the colours to decide which ones you like most. Keep your budget in mind too to find the most suitable style.


Gift a Reminder of Your Business

One of the best things about a quality Parker pen is that it's a long-term reminder of your business. It could spend years in someone's bag or sitting on their desk, used over and over again. Each time they use it, they will remember who gave it to them. This can have a number of effects, from ensuring that they remain your loyal customer to increasing your word of mouth referrals as they recommend you to their friends, family and colleagues.

A Parker pen is much more than just a pen when you use it as a marketing tool for your business

Promotional Parker Pens will help Engage, Delight & Reward Consumers create a buzz around your brand and  generate Goodwill.