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Promotional Nail files & Printed Manicure Sets 

A personalised promotional product is an excellent way of getting your company name out there, increasing brand awareness and for rewarding loyal customers or incentivising new customers. Sometimes you may want to do something a little bit different, add a quirky or a personal spin on things and make sure that your marketing efforts help you to stand out from the crowd but how?

We take a look at just how clever you can be with your promotional marketing and to ensure that your business is front of mind with perfect gifts like nail files

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Targeting women with branded nail files

As well as the more popular or more commonly promotional items, there are a whole plethora of ideas and accessories that can give you that creative edge, that make people sit up and pay attention and show that you have taken time and consideration about your customers and what they want. Choosing rewards that are more personal and unique to your target audience will give the customer that unique experience and ensure that they remember you for all the right reasons.

A more targeted approach to promotional products There’s no denying of course that everyone needs pens. They are handy to have in the bottom of your handbag, the side of your car in your door or the glove compartment or in the kitchen drawer. It is often these products and accessories that we call on when we least expect it. There are however more individual ways to make you stand out in a crowd. But what and how can you deliver accessories that are more unique and individual?

If your target audience is a company that’s customer base is largely female, if you serve beauty salons for example, then personalised nail files uk are an excellent little gift to give. Women love to have a nail file on them for those broken or chipped nail emergencies. Usually carried around in the handbag with an emery board being the popular choice, you never know when those beautifully manicured nails might chip or break. This sort of gift is well thought out and shows a consideration of your ideal target audience.

A wide range of promotional nail files

Whether it’s the four-sided nail file block, an emery board or a glass nail file, these products come in all shapes and sizes and there are a wide range to choose. In addition You can even choose quirky little credit card shaped files that fit in the purse. What about a mirror with a built-in nail file? How far are you willing to go to ensure that your name is at the front of every woman’s mind when manicuring her nails and what sort of value could you add with printed nail files.

Perhaps you own a hairdressing or a beauty salon and want to give something to your loyal clients. Maybe you are going to a promotional event and want to give out goodie bags to people that visit your stand. There are many ways in which you could use these products to incentivise and reward customers. Perhaps you could run social media contests where you give away ten to the first ten people to comment. You could order higher value products that people will want to own and create traction on your social media pages. Making your marketing cohesive is a fantastic way of increasing brand awareness and maximising your marketing budget. There are so many ways in which you can use these products:

Using them to celebrate an anniversary or mark an event Sending them out to prospects that you want to use your service Giving them to loyal customers on completion of a specific number of purchases Send them out as Christmas gifts to specific clients Birthday gifts (if you hold this sort of data)

The list goes on but if you sat down and worked out the number of ways in which these products would be useful you are sure to come up with more.

Including products with online orders

Imagine getting your parcel and discovering something extra inside that you hadn't ordered? Some online companies now send out small thank you gifts with parcels. Smaller value items usually have a thank you note included but if the goods are of a certain value, how much would it cost to include a little extra something like a cute little nail file? This is a great way to secure repeat business in the future.

Your company colours and choice of message When you are choosing the design of your products, you can really personalise them with colour print and tailor them to your choice of colour with your own brand of message. Include your website address, your logo and phone number to ensure that you choose products in the colours that represent your company. The synergy between your company and the product, will increase the effectiveness of your promotional products. Perhaps you want to order a minimum quantity to test the products and see if people like them first before you place a bulk order. Maybe it is cheaper to order in bulk as you plan to use these products in larger quantities. How many you order will depend on your customer base, how much prospecting you are likely to do and how many of these accessories you think you will give away. You want enough to fulfil the need but not so many that you still nail files in stock in 5 years time when you may have undergone a rebrand or changed your business.

Giving products away serve many purposes. They make sure that your name, and any other details that they include are on hand (pardon the pun) should the customer require it in the future. It also shows that you care about your customers and that you are keen to reward loyalty. It is also the perfect way to create a buzz about your business when that woman shows her friends and they want one! For more details of our promotional nail files please take a look.