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To improve the sound quality of a tablet or mobile phone, you can connect it to branded bluetooth speaker. These promotional items are sure to make some noise on behalf of your business.

Promo speakers are ideal as freebies for all ages, with options including plug-in portable speakers and Bluetooth speakers that connect use wireless technology.

We also stock headphones that can include a printed logo, and earphones that we can supply in printed cases with your company name or logo.

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If you are looking for new ways to impress existing and potential future customers, investing in printed audio products really are perfect. The best promotional gifts for improving brand loyalty and drawing customers closer to your business are the ones that can derive a great deal of use from, and promotional speakers certainly tick all the boxes.

Read on to find out more about what makes branded bluetooth speakers such an excellent choice.


The vast majority of people enjoy music and have a use for audio speakers.

Even if music isn’t their priority, they can still use speakers to enhance their enjoyment of movies and television. You can personalise your speakers by adding your logos and branding to them, and chances are your recipients will use them on a regular basis, which means they’ll be repeatedly exposed to your branding. The money you spend on promotional speakers can be vastly eclipsed by the revenue they draw in.

Bluetooth speakers have become increasingly popular over recent years and allow your customers to enjoy audio even without the use of wires. All they need to do is enable the Bluetooth functionality on their devices and they’re good to go, whether they’re at home, in the garden, on the beach, at a house party or on holiday.


If you do wish to invest in promotional speakers, it’s a wise move to avoid the cheapest options available to you, as these can emit poor quality sound and cause your customers to associate you with frustration and dissatisfaction. You don’t need to spend a phenomenal amount of money, but the benefits of spending a little more can be considerable.


The old-fashioned methods of promoting your brand are becoming increasingly irrelevant. Investing in offline and online ads may not deliver the customer engagement that you require, which is why it makes so much sense to purchase useful promotional goods that add real value and quality to people’s lives.

Speakers are compatible with all sorts of devices including not only CD players but phones, televisions, tablets, laptops, radios and much more.

They are an ideal gift for business associates as well as B2C customers and really can enhance the reputation of your brand. People are much more likely to do business with companies they deem to be friendly, approachable and generous, which means offering free promotional gifts really is a no-brainer.


You don’t need to be part of the audio industry to give speakers away as promotional gifts. In fact, promotional gifts make outstanding marketing devices regardless of what industry you belong to. Wireless and Bluetooth speakers make outstanding promotional gifts in today’s world and come in a wide range of shapes and sizes. They are particularly appealing to younger audiences but can be of use to people of all ages.

Opt for high-quality speakers and they could last for years before they need to be replaced. Even if a recipient already has their own speakers, chances are they will pass them onto someone that requires them and therefore increase exposure for your brand. In fact, the best promotional products tend to be those that last for many years before they need to be replaced.


Other types of tech-based promotional products you can invest in to boost your brand power include power packs that ensure your customers can always use their devices when they are away from the home or office, headphones and earphones and USB sticks.

Far too many companies remain unaware of the power of the promotional product and therefore miss out on valuable customer engagement and revenue. Whether you are attempting to win over new customers or wish to retain existing ones and discourage them from going elsewhere, promotional gifts such as branded portable speakers can deliver the customer engagement your brand is depending on.

WHY ARE PROMOTIONAL PRODUCTS SO IMPORTANT? If promotional gifts weren’t so effective, businesses wouldn’t invest in them. Corporate company gifts are used to sell the products and services of some of the world’s most influential brands and can work wonders when it comes to brand engagement.

If you have never purchased promotional gifts for your customers before, it may well be time to make changes. It’s possible to truly personalise items such as speakers and make them truly distinctive by adding images, logos, slogans and more.

Promotional audio products can deliver far more benefits for your company than you might expect and if you need help in selecting the right technology products for your needs then just give a quick call on 01257 260372